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Mason 9 months!

Mason won’t be 9 months old for 5 more days, but while I have a free moment, I thought I’d go ahead and sum up the past few months and where he is at now.  He is quickly becoming a little boy and it’s so crazy!  He has lots of hair and he is going to be outgrowing his 12 month clothes sooner than later.  He has huge feet so the shoes I have bought him are becoming too small as well.  He is in size 4 diapers and last week we transitioned him to level 3 bottle nipples.  He can drink a 7 ounce bottle now in seconds.  He loves his bottles.  He started smiling and kicking his feet and waving his hands when he sees his bottle and it’s time to eat.  He still won’t eat much baby food but he is getting a little better about eating from a spoon.  This weekend, he ate several bites of baby food peas.  But, he’s definitely happier picking up his food and feeding himself.  He loves any kind of bread, pasta, or cereal.  He loves puffs.  But, he will eat basically anything you put in front of him.  He has never been interested in rolling over at ALL.  He has only done it a couple of times.  However, he is becoming better and better about pulling up.  If you stand him up so he can hold onto the coffee table or the activity table, he will stand there forever and be so content.  When he falls, he gets mad and cries.  He is also starting to cruise around the table when he’s standing.  He doesn’t move fast, but he can shift his feet to get where he wants to go.  However, he shows no interest in crawling either.  If a toy is out of his reach while he is sitting up, he will reach out and get on  his hands and knees, get the toy and then use his hands to walk back to a sitting position. 

This weekend we went to Tarboro for Peyton’s birthday party and he was an excellent rider for the 3.5 hour drive.  He also did great with all the strange people who wanted to hold him at the party.  If he saw me, he wanted me.  But, if I was out of sight, he was perfectly happy with whoever was holding him.  Greg held him for a long time and even put him in the cozy coupe and pushed him around which he loved.  The night before, Mason did not sleep very well in the pack and play.  He got up crying around 1 or 2 and I put him in the bed with us.  He slept great but at 5:45 I was getting very uncomfortable so I moved him back to his pack and play.  It was a bad idea because he woke up and never went back to sleep.  He also didn’t nap that morning, so at the party he was exhausted and fell asleep in my lap. 

Speaking of sleeping, Mason is finally sleeping through the night!!!  It happened about a month ago where he was regularly sleeping for 12 hours straight.  He goes down at around 7:15 and sleeps until around 7:15 the next morning.  Over the past week, he is even starting to be content if you lay him down while he is drowsy but still awake.  I didn’t think that day would ever come because for the longest time if you laid him down awake, you were counting on about 5-10 minutes of crying before he would finally go to sleep.  I guess we finally trained him. 

I am proud to say that he has never had a drop of formula in his life.  He isn’t really nursing anymore except for his morning feeding before we go to school.  I pump the rest of the day and I think he is much happier being able to drink from his bottles since he can eat so much faster that way.  For a long time in January and February, I was still nursing him at bedtime and we finally realized he wasn’t getting enough to eat so he was waking up starving in the night.  Once we started giving him 7-8 ounce bottles at bedtime, he started sleeping much better and only getting up once at around 5.  He still drinks a 6-7 ounce bottle every 3-4 hours.  At school, he also eats breakfast, lunch, and snack and eats whatever is on the menu.  Because of his eating patterns, we were never really able to properly introduce new foods every 3-4 days like you are supposed to. But, I guess he isn’t allergic to anything!  He already has been exposed to eggs and meat which I waited a long time to feed Mackenzie.  It’s definitely true that things are different with your second one. 

He still has no teeth!  But, I love that gummy smile.  It makes him look like such an old man when he is gumming his food and he has that thin whispy hair.  He is the happiest and most laid back baby.  He loves watching his big sister and she loves showing him new things.  Her new thing is sitting with him and reading a book that has textures on the pages.  She will grab his hand and let him touch the soft fur of the animals on the pages.  He loves to play with his toys, but he also loves to sit in your lap and have you near to him.  He is babbling like crazy and I’m sure he will be trying to say words sooner than later.  He reaches up for you if you act like you are about to pick him up.  When he gets excited, he starts moving his hands and arms which is so adorable.  He has the sweetest smile and if you are holding him and someone else comes up to talk to him, he acts shy and leans his head on your shoulder.  He has really started to love his paci over the past month or so and he can easily pick it up and put it in his mouth himself.  Before that, he never really showed an interest unless it was bedtime. 

I’m sure I have forgotten so much since it has been so long since I have updated!  But, I am going to start new and try to be better about documenting all the precious memories  with my babies.


I’m back!

Wow, it’s been a crazy 3 months since I started working again.  I have actually taken time to jot down milestones and memorable moments on my phone or on a notepad, and I will have to update the blog with those when I have time.  For right now, I want to start remembering the mundane normal moments that encompass a weekend with 2 fun and energetic kids.  Tax season was pretty rough, not that I had to work terribly long hours (on some days I did), but when I would work until 7 or 8, then get home only to make bottles, grab dinner, and get to bed to get ready for the next day, it really wore on me.  Also, I had to work most saturdays for the past 6 weeks or so, so I felt like I never got long spans of quality time with Mason and Mackenzie.  On top of that, Mason was still getting up in the night for a bottle once or twice a night until about 3 weeks ago.  But, now he is officially sleeping 12 hours straight every night!!!  While I cherished the quiet moments in the dark with my little man, it was definitely time for him to grow up and become a better sleeper.  Richie was a great dad and picked up where I could be there with no complaints.  He is amazing and loves those little boogers so much.  He even survived a 3 day weekend over easter when I had to work Good Friday and Saturday.  They had fun going shopping for flowers and planting them in the yard.  Mackenzie even got her own flower pot and flowers.

Mason and Mackenzie have both had checkups since my last update, and I always like to document them for posterity.  Mason’s 6 month checkup went great (can’t believe I’m going next week for his 9 month checkup).  He weighed 18 lbs 3 oz and was in the 65%.  He was 27 inches long I think.  I will have to go back and look at the handout from the doctor.  I took him to the doctor about 3 weeks ago for an ear infection and he weight 20 lbs 8 ounces!  Wow, that was when he was 8 months old!  Mackenzie weighed that when she was a year!  Of course, his head was off the charts huge.  His appointment went well considering he had just gotten his helmet put on the day before and he had to be put on another antibiotic for an ear infection that had not cleared up.  He also got all his shots, so he was not very happy the rest of the day. 

Mackenzie had her 2 year check up on March 22 and it went really well.  She weighed almost 29 lbs and was 35.5 inches tall!  She is in around the 80% in height and 50% in weight.  the doctor was starting to become a little concerned about her talking since she still wasn’t able to put 2 word phrases together very often.  So, I decided to take her to a speech therapist for an evaluation a couple of weeks ago.  At the evaluation, the therapist asked me lots of questions about her talking and her ability to understand what other people say.  The range was from 85 to 115 for normal.  She scored 106 on the receptive language (what she can understand) and an 85 on the expressive language.  The doctor wasn’t very concerned since she can understand things.  If both had been low, she would have suggested getting her started on therapy, but she ultimately just suggested we give it a little more time and try to work with her on making her say words instead of just pointing and grunting to get what she wants. 

Mason’s helmet experience went very smoothly.  He wore it for about 6 weeks.  He was supposed to wear it for 10-14 weeks, but his head grew so fast that he outgrew it!!  Now his head is perfectly round and I can tell a huge difference.  It never seemed to bother him very much and he definitely didn’t seem to miss it when it was gone. 

Mackenzie has become such a little girl now.  She had a fantastic birthday party and the people who love her the most were all able to come which was great.  We didn’t have a very big event, but we just had some snacks and cupcakes.  It was from 2-4 on Saturday Feb 18 and we were so glad that Grandmama and Grandaddy got to be there too!  Tracy had just had surgery so she couldn’t come, but she sent the biggest bouquet of balloons ever!  It was so awesome and Mackenzie loved them.  We got her a power wheel, and it was so fun to see her face when she saw it.  But, she’s still a little too short to be able to drive it. 

Mackenzie and Mason have really started to interact which is the coolest thing to watch as a parent.  A few weeks ago, we were getting ready for school and Mackenzie was helping me get Mason dressed.  She took his pants and shook them in front of his face.  He started cackling laughing and she loved it.  She did it over and over and they both were laughing so hard.  I got it on video and I’m so glad i was able to capture that fun moment! 

I wrote several posts over the past 3 months but I either jotted them down on paper or made notes in my phone.  I will have to update this site for all those memories and notes whenever I get a chance.

Last Day at Home

This post was written on January 16!

Both kids are napping right now and I’m trying to soak up every moment of my last day at home with them.  I have been blessed to be at home since April 16th and I have never been away from Mason for longer than a few hours.  I’m so devastated, but I’m also trying to be optimistic that this will be the best thing for him.  So far today, I’ve focused on being present for both kids every minute.  I have put my phone away and found things to do besides sit in front of tv.  Last night was a rough one for Mason.  He was asleep by 8:15 and I went to sleep at 9:30.  At 11 he was awake and crying.  I fed him and got him back to sleep even though he wasn’t hungry.  He woke right back up crying again.  So, I gave him tylenol and rocked him back to sleep.  He slept until 2:30 when I fed him.  Then, he woke up at 5 and I fed him again.  Mackenzie woke up around 7:30 and he slept until 8.  I got Mackenzie up right before Richie left for work and we went downstairs to feed her breakfast.  She gobbled up yogurt and a whole banana, and Mason woke up right after she finished.  Perfect timing!  So, I got him up, changed both of their diapers, and we started our day.  Mason wasn’t hungry yet so Mackenzie and I read a book while he played on the floor.  By about 8:45, he was hungry so I fed him while Mackenzie watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  After that, Mackenzie was hungry again so I made a “last day at home” treat of pancakes.  She was a little impatient waiting for them to cook, but I gave her a plate of blueberries and syrup, so she explored and dipped the blueberries in the syrup until the pancakes were ready.  She had a blast eating the pancakes.  Then, she kept pointing to her little kitchen.  I figured out she wanted some bowls and pots to put her pancakes and blueberries in.  So, I gave them to her and she proceeded to make a huge sticky mess all over her high chair and all the dishes!  But, on a day like today I wasn’t worried at all about cleaning it up or setting a bad precedent for letting her have those things.  The rest of the morning, we washed dishes (she loves helping me and getting to play in the water), played with her kitchen, read lots of books, and fed Mason some cereal (it’s still a huge fail but I hope he will get the hang of it soon).  We also danced around (she had to play the Party Rock anthem several times), twirled, jumped, and took big steps and little steps around the living room.  Mason took a nap in his crib from 10:45 until about 11:20.  While he was napping, Mackenzie took the little glow worm and kept pushing its chest so it would play lullabies.  She would cradle it like a baby and rock it in her arms.  It was one of the sweetest moments and I caught it on video.  When he woke up, Mackenzie and I headed upstairs and hung out drawing on her chalkboard and pretending to pee pee in the potty. She also brushed her teeth and turned the humidifier on and off.  Mackenzie kept giving Mason pieces of chalk while he was laying on the floor next to the easel.  He tried to put the chalk in his mouth, but I managed to keep that disaster from happening. I changed the sheets on both cribs, and Mackenzie was fascinated that there wasn’t a sheet on her bed.

Mackenzie went down for a nap, I fed Mason, and he fell asleep right after.  Both were asleep by 12:30 so I had time to eat lunch and blog a little.  Mackenzie was awake by 2:15.  Mason slept until 3:30! The rest of the afternoon we spent playing in Mackenzie’s room with the chalkboard and trying to have a photo shoot.

Mackenzie 23 Months

Wow I can’t believe it’s only a month from Mackenzie’s 2nd birthday!  This past month has brought changes and lots of new words!  She is so fun and challenging at this age.

Right around Christmas, about 2 weeks ago, she really started talking more.  On the 26th, she called Richie “dada” for the first time.  Sure, she’s been able to say the word for a while, but this was the first time she actually looked at him and said “dada” to get his attention.  She said “mama” in that context a few days later.  She can now also say the following words (in the right context, not just repeating them) – more, mama, dada, night night, cup, truck, juice, eat, tee tee (when she wants to sit on the potty), uh oh, woah, gone gone (when something is gone or she is all done), mine (EVERYTHING is mine!), dog (or a lot of times she just says woof woof when she sees a dog), Hi, Bye Bye (although she can’t say her b’s so it sounds like da da but she is waving so I know that’s what she means), watch, help, hot.  She definitely makes an effort to try to repeat everything you say even if she doesn’t know what it means.

She got a new toy for Christmas that is a spout that you can use in the bathtub that is like a faucet but keeps sucking up the water from the tub.  Mackenzie loves it and would sit in the tub for hours if I let her.  She is also becoming very interested in washing herself.  She always wants her own rag and for you to put soap on it.

She has become a really picky eater, but I have found that she eats much better when she is at her little table instead of the high chair.  Her favorite foods these days are pureed fruit pouches (LOVES THEM!!), oatmeal, apple sauce, apple juice (she no longer likes milk very much which makes me sad), slices of plain old wheat bread, blueberries, yogurt. She isn’t very big on veggies anymore but will tolerate sweet potatoes, green beans, and peas & carrots.  She also doesn’t really care for meat. But she will eat mac and cheese or cheese sticks.  She also likes goldfish, vanilla wafers, and crackers.  She is very impressive with a spoon while she eats oatmeal, yogurt, or applesauce.  She only spills a little and sometimes none at all.  And, she’s able to get almost everything out of the cup.

Mackenzie is hitting the terrible twos with a vengeance.  If she doesn’t get her way immediately, she starts crying every time.  The tactic of ignoring her has worked well so far.  She has become very interested in the potty.  She loves to sit on the potty and wipe with toilet paper and then flush.  Of course, nothing actually goes in the potty but I guess it’s a good sign that she is interested.  Last Saturday we tried to do the “bare butt” method to see if she would use the potty. But, after 2 big pee spots on the carpet, we decided to wait another month or 2 before trying it again. She obviously isn’t ready and I’m not going to push her.  That will only lead to frustration for everyone.  Plus, she will start going to daycare full time on Tuesday so couple that change with potty training and it may be a disaster.  If Mackenzie has a stinky diaper, she immediately puts her hand in her diaper.  I have found a prize on her hands before, but I can usually catch it before it makes a mess.  Yesterday at daycare, they thought she was napping, but they looked over and she had gotten in her dirty diaper and it had gotten all over her clothes and the cot.   So I’m going to find some onesies that she can wear under all her clothes until this phase passes.  She is now officially in the 2 year old classroom effective last week.  In this class, they will gradually introduce regular cups instead of sippy cups, take away the paci at nap time, and start potty training whenever you are ready.  She is the youngest in the class so they say she struggles with listening.  But, i’m sure it will help to have her going everyday.

She has gotten much more interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now and kinda phased out of Yo Gabba Gabba.

She loves to copy anything you do.  She got her own little broom for Christmas, but now when I sweep, she wants the big broom and gives me the little toy one  She also loves to get the windex and a paper towel and pretend to clean up everything.

Today we met Mary Carol and the 2 boys she nannies at Chick fil A.  Mackenzie got to play in the play area for the first time!  She had a blast but thankfully was too short to climb to the top.  But, she seemed just as happy staying near the ground.

Mackenzie is still in size 5 diapers and is in 24 month and 2T clothes.  At the hospital when she got her tubes, she weighed 26.5 lbs.

I know there is so much that I’m forgetting.  I really need to blog everyday to document all the cute little moments 🙂

Mason 5 Months

I know this is about a week late, and I know I have so much to cover from Christmas adventures to Mackenzie’s tubes to the big announcement of me going back to work!  But, I’ll start off by giving a 5 month update on little Mason.

The week before Christmas, he finally rolled from back to belly and belly to back.  But, since then he has not been interested in it at all.  He will tolerate tummy time but he has no desire to roll.  He is starting to be able to rotate around in a circle, but he is still very immobile.

He is so precious and he loves his mommy.  In the mornings, he is usually very happy, but by the afternoon he cries and wants to be held all the time.

About 2 weeks ago, right around the time he turned 5 months, I finally figured out his sleeping schedule!  He likes to nap at around 10:30, 1 or 2, and around 4:30 or 5.  I have been very diligent about putting him down in his crib for naps over the past couple of weeks, but it never fails that he only stays asleep for exactly 30 minutes.  The 3rd nap of the day is always in his swing because I’m busy getting dinner fixed.  Or, he sleeps in the car when I’m driving to get Mackenzie from school.  And, honestly the 2nd nap of the day is usually in his swing as well.  He seems to sleep better and longer in it.  Plus, he usually falls asleep while he is nursing which means I’m sitting on the couch.  So, it’s easy to put him in the swing.  I usually don’t turn it on, so he’s just laying there.

Last Friday night I decided it was time to start putting him to bed in his crib at around 7:30.  I had gotten the book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” and it has had some great insights.  Friday night I rocked him to sleep and layed him in the crib around 7:45.  He was asleep when I laid him down but he woke back up.  I left him alone and he proceeded to cry for 20 minutes.  But, he finally went to sleep and slept until 4!  Since then, we’ve had good nights and bad nights, but the past 3 nights in a row he has woken up at around 1:30 and 4:30.  Last night he even added an 11:00 wake up to make it 3 times I got up with him!  Needless to say I’m very tired and I know this needs to stop.  But, I don’t want to let him cry it out because I’m scared he’s going to wake up Mackenzie.  We really just need to get a sound machine in her room.  I think it would help.  Anyway, just as an example of a typical night – last night he went to sleep at 7:30 in his crib with no crying!  Then, he woke up at 11:00, 1:30, and 5.  I nursed him each time and he went right back to sleep – except for the 5:00 wake up.  After I fed him at 5, he was awake but I laid him down and he happily cooed and talked until sometime after 6:00.  Then, he slept until around 7:45 this morning.  My favorite time of the day is when I walk in to get him out of his crib for the day and he gives me the biggest smile.  It melts my heart!  During the day he is usually nursing 4 times – around 8, 11:30, 3, and 6:30.  He can take bottles now, but doesn’t do it on a regular basis.  I start my job on Wednesday so I’m sure daycare will be a big adjustment as he gets used to bottles and we try to figure out how much he will eat at a time.

He is drooling like crazy!  He goes through 2-3 bibs a day because he soaks them!  He always either has his fingers, his whole fist, or a toy in his mouth. He loves Sophie the Giraffe.  His little bottom gums are kinda swollen so I think he will be getting his first tooth very soon!

He loves playing with his toys and he loves to watch Ramsey and Mackenzie.  He also loves to smile and hear himself talk.  If you catch him in a good mood, he will laugh at anything and everything.

We’ve started putting him in the jumparoo, and he tolerates it but he doesn’t love it yet.  He gets bored.  He’s also doing great in his bumbo seat.  He can sit in it for long periods of time, whereas a month ago he could only sit in it for a few minutes before he started slumping over or falling backwards.  He is also getting really close to being able to sit up!  He hasn’t figured out how to put his arms out for support to keep him from falling forward, but I’m sure it won’t be long!

We are going to start feeding him cereal this weekend!  He wore 12 month pajamas a couple of days ago for the first time and they fit pretty well!  He also is still in size 3 diapers.

His hair has finally started growing back in!  He still has all his hair on the top of his head which is really long.  And, now there is about 2 cm of peach fuzz all over the rest of his head 🙂

Since I know that he is the last baby I’ll very have, I have been so sad to see him get bigger.  But, it’s also giving me so much joy to watch him grow and learn before our eyes.  It’s so bittersweet.  I love holding him close, singing him lullabies (Jesus Loves Me, You are my Sunshine, and Rock a Bye Baby are his favorites) and watching him drift off to sleep.  I love giving him baths even though he doesn’t like them nearly as much as his sister did at this age.  He’s not even kicking or trying to splash yet!  He has a natural “little boy” scent that might smell bad to other people, but I love it because it’s unique to him.  5 minutes after giving him a bath and putting on baby lotion, I can already smell his “musk” as Richie likes to call it.  If he is hungry or tired and you put him down and walk away from him, he starts crying hysterically.  He definitely knows when he is alone.  Yesterday he was in his bouncy seat and Mackenzie tried to give him some lemonade out of a cookout cup with a straw.  I guess he got some because he started coughing.  Then, she sat the cup down in his lap upside down.  He started screaming because it was ice cold!  Oh the joys of having two little ones at home 🙂

Lots of Updates

Since I have last given a real update, it’s been almost a month!  I’m such a slack mommy!  First I’ll start with Mason:

Mason is just a joy and the most precious boy.  He is now almost 4 and a half months old.  He’s laughing, cooing, and loves to be held.  Actually, over the past few weeks he has really begun to realize when he is alone and he does NOT like it!  Last week he didn’t even like being alone in his crib at night, so I had a few very sleepless nights.  He would wake up crying, but I would go in there, hold him for a minute, and he’d go right back to sleep.  Sometimes I would even give him his paci without picking him up and he would be ok for an hour or so.  Aside from those couple of nights, for the past month he has started regularly going to sleep around 8 or 8:30 and waking up around 3 or 4 am to eat.  Sometimes he wakes up again around 5 or 6 to eat a snack and then he wakes up for the day around 7 or 8.  Actually, for example last night, he fell asleep around 9, woke up at 4 and 6:15 to eat, and slept until 8:15!  Mackenzie and I were ready to take her to school and we were just sitting around waiting for the sleeping boy to wake up!  I can’t bear to wake a sleeping baby if I don’t have to, so we let him sleep.

Last week, Richie was playing with Mason on the floor, and Mason was laying on his back.  Richie grabbed his fingers, pulled him up to sit, and then Mason pushed up on his legs and stood on the floor while holding his daddy’s hands!  Since then, we have been working with him and he can stand for longer and longer times as his legs are getting stronger.  Last week, he also started rolling over from belly to back.  He can also almost roll from back to stomach.  He can kick his legs over, but his arms get in the way from letting him completely roll over to his belly.  When he is under his play gym ocean, he can really grab hold of a toy and pull himself until he is almost on his stomach.

Mackenzie is growing up so fast.  She is becoming a little diva.  When you tell her you need her to come to you so you can change her diaper/fix her hair/put on her socks/etc and she doesn’t want to, she will take off in a full sprint in the opposite direction to get away from you.  She is also obsessed with her diaper and sticking her hand down it.  If she is wearing footie pajamas that zip up, you can guarantee that while she is in her crib falling asleep, she will unzip her pjs and take her diaper off.  Last night we put her pajamas on backwards.  They snapped up and didn’t have feet, so it worked out well.  She definitely looked silly, but this morning her diaper was still in tact so it was a success!  She is slowly developing a vocabulary. She can say wow, uh oh, woah, more, go, and cup.  She has also learned the sign for please and signs more and all done on a regular basis.  If she really wants more of something, she’ll say it and do the sign for greater emphasis.  Last weekend we went looking at Christmas lights around the town, and went to this house that has tons of lights and figures all in their yard.  When we left, she kept saying more!  It was cute that she loved the lights so much. Unfortunately, we went to the best house first, so she wasn’t that impressed with the rest of the houses we saw.

On December 10, the town of Huntersville had a Christmas celebration.  We packed up the kids and went up there for a little while.  Mackenzie rode her first carousel!!!  I got on it with her and held her up on the horse.  Her eyes lit up and she loved it!  It was so fun to experience it with her.  She is getting to a great age where she can start enjoying new adventures and realizing what she is doing.  On Saturday we took them to see Santa and we got the most hilarious picture ever.


Mackenzie was excited to see Santa while we were in line, but when we actually walked up to him she got really shy.  The second we put her on his lap, she started screaming.  We didn’t even know Mason was upset about it until we saw the picture!  He never cried but he was obviously very close.

Last weekend we went to Richie’s company christmas party and it was so fun to be able to go to a family friendly event and experience something new!  Mackenzie didn’t hesitate from the second we got there.  She wanted to explore and meet all the new people.  They had crafts, a fishing game, the wii, pin the nose on rudolph, and goodie bags for the kids.  Mackenzie had a blast but I think her favorite part was the desserts 🙂

Let me go way back to tell about our Thanksgiving.  It was Mason’s first thanksgiving and our first big road trip with the 2 kids.  We headed to Tarboro on Thanksgiving morning and the ride was surprisingly great!  We had to stop in Raleigh so I could nurse Mason, but that was the only time we had to stop.  Both kids were able to take naps in the car.  We arrived at around 12:00 and had a great lunch with the family.  That weekend was a success and Mason did great in the pack and play.  We played in the leaves, went shopping, spent time with Richie’s parents and sisters and of course Peyton!  Mackenzie loved playing with the play kitchen that Sylvia has set up in their dining room.  We decided to head home Saturday morning so we could have that afternoon and Sunday to be at home.  Mason slept the whole way home and Mackenzie napped the last half of the trip.  That saturday was the day Mackenzie’s ear drum ruptured.  But, the trip was great, Mason slept well, and we were happy that there were no disasters.

The next weekend, Richie went to Vegas and I headed with the kids to Greensboro to stay with mom and dad.  It was a great weekend!  Mason all of a sudden decided to fight sleep, so it was a challenge to get him to nap or go to sleep at night.  But, we survived that.  However, it made my parents weary to watch both of them overnight anytime soon!  The first night, Mason would not settle down in the pack and play.  So, mom got out the humidifier and turned it on in his room.  As soon as it turned on, he fell asleep and slept most of the night!  I guess there is definitely something to be said about the soothing quality of white noise.  Friday morning, I packed up the kids and we stopped by my old office to visit coworkers.  Then, we went to Anna’s house to have a playdate with Gillian.  Mackenzie and Gillian played great together and Mackenzie loved seeing lots of different toys than she has.  She loved the cozy coupe and the kitchen.  Anna was trying to make Gillian sit on the potty, so Mackenzie watched and wanted to do it too.  Ever since then, she now sometimes goes up to the potty and points at it because she wants to sit on it.  She has yet to pee pee in it, but at least she’s showing an interest. The only bad part is that she loves to flush it.  She flushes it over and over again.  Saturday while we were in Greensboro, Mackenzie woke up at about 5:30 am throwing up a little.  So, we had an early morning and I was worried that she was getting sick.  But, that morning she seemed fine so mom took her up to church for Breakfast with Santa.  After they got home at about 10:30, mom was holding Mackenzie and all of a sudden Mackenzie threw up all over her and on the floor.  I felt so bad for her.  We were about to head out to go shopping with Mason while dad watched Mackenzie, but we were worried she would get sick again.  By 11, she was asleep in mom’s lap, so we put her in her crib and ran out for a quick trip while she was asleep.  (By the way, you know she was tired and not feeling well for her to fall asleep in mom’s lap.  She hasn’t done that since she was a baby).  Mom, Mason, and I were able to get some things accomplished and got home right after Mackenzie’s nap.  She didn’t get sick anymore, so we had a nice afternoon.  Dad raked up a big pile of leaves and Mackenzie loved jumping in it.  I got us all packed up and we headed home Sunday morning.  It was a great weekend!

One more quick story – A couple of weeks ago I was giving Mackenzie a bath and we were waiting on Richie to get home from work. I was getting her dried off and dressed when he got home and I heard Ramsey yelp really loud.  I got scared and started crying.  I was holding Mackenzie sobbing because I thought Ramsey would be hurt!  She put her head on my shoulder and softly patted my back with her hand.  It was so precious and it really made me feel better.  And, thankfully Ramsey was ok even though he fell halfway down the stairs!

What a Day

I have lots of updates including Thanksgiving and Richie’s big Las Vegas trip.  But, first I’ll write about Mason’s 4 month checkup on Tuesday and the events of today.  His appointment went really well.  He is 17 lb 1 oz (88%) and 26.5 inches (93%).  His head is huge at 98%!  He had to get 2 shots and an oral vaccine which were so sad for mommy.  But, he tolerated them just fine after the initial screaming that lasted about 5 seconds.  The doctor said I need to do better about putting him down for naps in his crib.  He should be taking 2 naps a day now.  He usually does, but since he is in the living room with Mackenzie and me, he doesn’t have peace and quiet to get a good nap. Over the past week or 2, he has really started fighting sleep.  He is outgrowing the swing which is tragic!  So, he isn’t as comfortable in it and doesn’t like to sleep in it like he used to.  The best way I have found to get him to sleep is to nurse him.  I really don’t want to get in that habit.  So I asked Dr. Lake about it.  She just said to try to be patient and avoid letting him cry it out until after he is 6 mo old.  She also said to wait to feed him solids until 6 months old.  Unfortunately, he has a really flat spot on the back of his head, and Dr. Lake said that we should take him to a cranial specialist to get evaluated for a band, or “helmet” as I like to call it.

Today was the day to go to the cranial specialist.  Richie thought he wasn’t going to be able to get off work to go with me, but he worked it out so he could go.  I’m so glad he went because I had Mackenzie, too.  It would have been chaos if I had to deal with both of them by myself!  First, the technician took lots of pictures of Mason’s head and then we met with a therapist.  The pictures and measurements showed that the flat spot is not only affecting the back of his head.  He also has some asymmetry in his face and ears.  So, she advised us to go forward with the helmet.  She said he will probably only have to wear it for around 6 weeks. I know it’s for the best and needs to be done.  But, I’m dreading putting him through it.  After explaining how big he was and the type of delivery I had as well as his position in the womb, she was sure that the head problems came in utero because of his lack of space and the fact that he was “sunny side up.”  We are waiting on the office to check with our insurance and get back to us to get the ball rolling.  The cost of the entire process is $3800 so I hope insurance covers something!

Last Saturday (the saturday after Thanksgiving), we had just returned from tarboro and I noticed that Mackenzie had dried up fluid on her right ear!  I freaked out and took her to urgent care.  It turns out it was a busted ear drum from a severe ear infection.  She got put on Augmentin which is a really strong antibiotic.  She got diarrhea and an awful diaper rash.  She is just recovering from it.  Today I took her to the doctor to see if the ears were healed.  Well, Dr. Lake said she still has really thick fluid in her ears, but the ear drum has healed over.  So, we have to put her on another antibiotic and Flonase to try to clear up the infection.  Then, we are going to an ENT in 10-14 days to get a consult about tubes. The doctor thinks the tubes might also help Mackenzie start talking more.

So, today has been a brutal day full of doctors and big health decisions for my babies.