Attempting to get back on the blog routine

My kids are growing so incredibly fast before my very eyes. I have been so bad about documenting things which makes me sad because they change practically everyday and I don’t want to forget anything.  Lots has happened since I posted in October.  We put in an offer on a house, after lots of stress we finally closed on the house in January, Richie worked tirelessly to get it ready for us to move in, we moved at the end of February.  In addition, our tenants in our old house moved out, we got new tenants, cleaned the house in time for the new tenants to move in, cleaned up the house we have been renting for the past year, and this is ALL during tax season!  Whew – I’m so glad all that is in the past and we are settled and loving our new house. 

Mackenzie had her big 4 year bday party at a bouncy house place and it was the first time we have invited her daycare friends to a party.  A few came and of course all our family and friends that we usually invite. Everyone had a great time.  She is now 4 years and 3 months and is getting so big.  She went for her 4 year checkup on April 28. She is 41 lbs and 42 inches tall. Those are both around 80th percentile.  Today is her official first day in the pre-k class at school!  Can’t believe this is the last class she will be in until she starts kindergarden! Ms. Brenda, who has been her teacher for the past year, said she is so smart and will be just fine when she starts school.  She said she can do some puzzles that even the older kids struggle with.  I agree that she is definitely smart, but sometimes TOO smart!  She has quickly grown into size 5 clothes, and I can’t even shop in the toddler section anymore for her.  She wears size 10 shoes. She loves to eat fruit especially blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and apples. Both kids absolutely love ranch dressing and will eat almost anything if they can dip it in ranch.  Mackenzie loves My Little Pony, Frozen, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Last weekend we watched The Land Before Time 3 times!  She is still struggling with writing letters, but she can write the letter M.  She has always loved her paci but one day right after Christmas, we lost it and couldn’t find it one afternoon.  I told her we would try to find it.  Bedtime came around and she still couldn’t find it. Richie was putting her to bed and said “hold on, I’ll go get one from Mason.” She said matter of factly “It’s ok, I don’t need one.” and just like that, the paci habit was broken.  For the next few nights, she would say “wait a minute, where’s my paci?” and we would say “remember, you said you don’t need it anymore” and she would say ok and be fine!  It’s the craziest thing because I just knew she would have that paci until we pried it out of her little fingers.  She has now been to the dentist 2 times for checkups. She is absolutely terrified.  There is no way that the dentist is even able to clean her teeth or do any preventative care in any way because she screams and clenches her teeth and squirms around and fights the entire time.

Mason is 2 years and 9 months!  I can’t believe he is so big.  At his last appointment, he was 85% in height and 66% in weight. I’ll have to go back and look at the exact measurements.  He talks so well now, but he still has problems saying some works.  He calls the ipad the i-fah. He never puts the last consonant sound at the end of a word. He says “I wa to ree a booh and geh in my beh.” instead of I want to read a book and get in my bed.”  He loves for you to read to him. My favorite part of my entire day is putting him to bed. We brush teeth and then he picks a book, gets his doggy, blanket, and paci, and he climbs in my lap to read.  He loves The Cat in the Hat and a bulldozer book the easter bunny brought him. He always says “I want to read it” meaning he wants to turn the pages with no help while you read it.  He wears size 3t shirts and 2t pants and size 9 shoes.  He is mister independent and wants to do everything himself.  He is getting very interested in the potty and has been peeing in it since almost 6 months ago. He also poops in it sometimes, but is scared.  I need to spend a good weekend letting him wear underwear and have accidents and then I think he would get it.

The kids play so well together and really love each other. Of course, they fight and I think Mackenzie likes to play with Mason more than he likes to play with her. But, usually he is her little shadow,


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