Slacker Mommy

How has it been almost 4 months since I blogged?  Shame on me for slacking on documenting my kids’ precious memories.  I hope to start making it more of a priority.  It is such a daunting task to think about catching up on everything that happened since June 24.  Maybe I should start by talking about the past few days and gradually mention other events from the past summer as I try to post more regularly.   First of all – the basic stats on the kids.  My precious Mason is 2 years and 2 months old, and My mini-me Mackenzie (in looks only – not personality!) is 3 years and 8 months.  Mason is in 2t clothes, 8.5 shoes, 5 diapers (hopefully soon we will move to pull ups and underwear!).  Mackenzie is in size 9.5 shoes (yes, they almost have the same size foot – crazy), wears 4T but is starting to outgrow it into 5T and 4 and 5 in girls. I can’t believe that soon I will be shopping for her clothes in the girls section.  I measured them on Saturday and Mason is 37 inches tall and Mackenzie is 41 inches tall. 

On Saturday, I had a fun day planned – Mackenzie and I were going to go to Charlotte to do the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk in honor of our friend Piper.  It was going to be a fund afternoon of eating yummy food, playing in bouncy houses, walking around Freedom Park, etc.  Well, when I told her that we were going on a fun girl’s trip, she said “I don’t want to go on a trip with Mommy. I want to stay at home.”  After begging with her and trying to convince her, she still refused.  When I asked her to go put on her shoes, she said no and Mason was the one who was running to get his shoes on. That kid loves to be on the go and playing outside.  So, I decided to take him instead!  We had a great afternoon walking around, people watching, and hanging out near the pond.  Mason fed the ducks and LOVED every second of it.  He would say “Here go ducky” and throw his goldfish in the pond.  The geese were at the front fighting the ducks off to get the food, so I showed him how to throw it really hard in order to throw it past the geese and to the ducks.  We ran out of goldfish. Otherwise, I think he would have stayed out there for hours.  Sunday we were at the neighborhood playground and he saw a duck by the pond. He freaked out and pointed and yelled “Ducky right there” really loud!  I will have to take him to feed the ducks again very soon. 

Sunday, Richie’s parents and Mary Carol came to visit.  Mackenzie was so funny when they got there.  She was so excited and wanted to show them all of her toys (like his parents have never been to our house before).  She was taking their hands and dragging them all over the house to see her room, playroom, toy box, etc.  It was so funny.  Mary Carol brought them a cupcake, and Mason devoured it after dinner.  I think he was messier Sunday night than on his birthday eating his cupcake!

Mackenzie has become obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates. We have started talking about Halloween and she of course wants to be a pirate.  So, I got her a really cute pink and black pirate dress costume with a bag of treasure.  Mason is also going to be a pirate – I figured this might be my last year where they can coordinate outfits.  We were talking the other night about Halloween and dressing up. Mackenzie said she wants to be a pirate like Izzy (on the Jake cartoon) and have pixie dust so she can fly.  She also wants gold doubloons and treasure.  She said she was going to say “arr matey.” She’s so funny and I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff. 

Back in the spring, she were almost completely potty trained, but then she suddenly regressed and refused to do #2 in the potty.  After months of frustration, I made a potty chart and got her a cute princess scooter as incentive.  I didn’t show her the scooter beforehand, but kept talking about a special big surprise if she could poop in the potty. The potty chart hung on the closet door for about 3-4 weeks before she finally pooped in the potty on September 21!! It was a saturday morning and richie was out of town. She said she needed to poop, so we went to the potty and she did it! I was so excited and we made a big production of putting a sticker on the chart. She was so excited to get her surprise and she said “Santa Claus is bringing me a special toy!”  Haha – I told her that Mommy and Daddy got her this toy because we are so happy she pooped in the potty.  She loved the scooter, even though she hasn’t really ridden it much since that first day.  Anyway, since then, she has been about 50% potty trained when it comes to #2.  But, right now she has gone 5 days in a row with no accidents!  Of course, she still wears her pull up at night.

Mason is very interested in the potty and is very vocal when he poops in his diaper.  Saturday, he pooped on our way to Charlotte and he screamed until I could pull over to change him.  He also will tell you when he is wet, sometimes.  He loves to sit on the potty and will say “want peepee in the potty”.  Last week, he sat on the potty before bath time and he actually peed!!  We were excited but I haven’t really pushed him to start potty training, yet.  I think he is getting close to being ready, though.

Mason and Mackenzie love to play together. She loves to play hide and seek with him and they love to just run around the house together and laugh.  They have a keyboard that plays music, and they love to dance around it.  They play pretend and hide from monsters and dinosaurs.  They also have their moments when they do not get along.  She sometimes yells at him and tells him to stop doing whatever it is that he is doing that is getting on her nerves.  His feelings get hurt and he cries.  He is usually just copying her and she hates that.  He is a little parrot these days and says whatever she says.  Yesterday morning, I was driving them to daycare and Mackenzie asked me “Mommy, can I please have your phone?”. Mason says “No, my phone”.  Mackenzie yells “stop saying that!” and he starts crying.  I tell her to not be mean or yell because it’s not nice and hurts his feelings.  In a few minutes, I hand her the phone and she says “I got the pho-one, I got the pho-one” in her best “nanny nanny boo boo” tune.  That’s her new thing.  If she has something or is doing something that she isn’t supposed to, she will do that, too. 

This past week, they have both started spitting at each other when they are mad or don’t like something that the other is doing.  They won’t really spit, but will make the noise. It’s extremely annoying!  Mason also does it to the dog, and this morning he did it toward a bug that was on the car door.  I think he learned that noise since we have been letting him start brushing his teeth and spitting afterward.  That boy loves to brush his teeth.  It’s probably because he wants to be just like big sister.  Even if we forget to brush his teeth, he is always quick to remind us!


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