Summer Fun

Things around the Meads household have been crazy lately! Richie and I enjoyed a trip to Chicago, which was the first time I have ever been away from Mason. It was great and Richie’s parents loved staying at our house with the kids. We have had fun at the pool and playing outside. 2 weeks ago, we took the kids to the pool and Mackenzie jumped off the side with no fear. We are still working on her putting her face in the water without sucking in a mouthful of water, but we will get there before the end of the summer, I think. Mason was terrified of the water at first and wouldn’t even put his toe in it. But, after about 15 minutes, he gradually worked his way up to being willing to go in to about his waist or a little higher.

This past weekend, Mackenzie and I went to her friend Ariana’s birthday party at a bouncy house place. About 2 months ago, we tried to go to another one and it was a disaster. She was terrified. But, this time she loved it! Once she saw Ariana and her friends playing, she joined right in and was not scared at all. She also loved going down the zip line and did it about 50 times or more. It was a lot of fun.

Yesterday, I took the kids outside and we played with the water table and the water hose. They enjoyed the water hose much more than the table and they both got soaking wet. But, it was fun and I didn’t mind if they got wet and dirty.

Mason is growing up so fast and changing everyday. He is talking in full sentences and has been for a few weeks now. He can also count to 10! That happened only a few days ago. He has gotten both of his bottom 2 year molars and the top left one just started popping through. They have been giving him more pain than any other teeth. He loves to walk up and down the stairs while holding your hand. I can’t believe he is old enough or tall enough to do that. Some of the things he says:
-At the school playground, we have to walk up to Mackenzie’s area if she is outside. You walk past a pond and so when i get him, he goes to the fence and says “see the wawa”
-On the way to and from daycare, he points out the ponds and says “see the wawa right der”
-He just learned to say paci “pa-hi” and he says it a lot! He loves his paci. but he also has started throwing them all out of his crib at bedtime and crying.
-He started saying mama a while ago, but just in the past couple of weeks he now says “mommy.” I liked mama better!
-he says “want ___” whether it’s milk “muck” or cereal or wawa or grain bar “be bah” or pirates booty “pa boo” or mickey mouse on tv “mee mah”, snack “nak”
-he can point out and call by name a ball, chair, cup, truck, car, boat, train “too too ween”, duck, baby duck, cow, giraffe, book, dog, cat, mouse “mah”, monkey “muh-ee”, cheese. i could go on and on. I may add to this later if I remember more.
-he calls all birds “baby birds”
-at night before bed, I read him books. He walks into his room and says “read the book” but it sounds like read da buh. If you aren’t turning pages fast enough or get distracted he will pick up your hand and put it on the book so you will turn the page
-he knows all of the characters on mickey mouse and can point them out if you ask him. He even knows down to Clara Bell and Pete.
-Yesterday he actually said he wanted “2 bee bahs” or grain bars. We give him the special k fruit crisps that come 2 per package. We usually make him and Mackenzie share.
-When I am changing his diaper, he says “ew yuck”
-He freaks out when something is on his hand like a piece of food that he doesn’t like. Also, he hates for dirt or hair to be in the bath water.
-He loves to jump on the couch or on the bed. Loves it.
-He has become a pretty picky eater and will only eat a handful of things including ketcup, chicken nuggets, milk, grain bars, spaghetti, lasagna, pb&j. It has become a real challenge to figure out things that he will eat.
-He knows to say “please” and he gives the sweetest hugs and kisses if you ask him for one. He can also say I love you which is the sweetest thing. It sounds like “wuh woo”

I will try to write about Mackenzie tomorrow!


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