I had to stop the info dump in order to start my daily posts about the kids.  Mason is 20 months old and Mackenzie is 3 years and 2 months.  They are so funny yet challenging! 

Mason is talking so much. He can say bye bye, hi, mama, dada, love you (sounds like wuh woo), Muno (sounds like nuno), Riri (for Ramsey), ball, night night, bubbles (buh-buh), milk (muhlk), Yo gabba gabba (its gibberish but you can kinda here the gabba in there and he is so excited when it comes on), more, no, yeah, i don’t know (he will really say i don’t know if you ask him something and he doesn’t know. it kinds sounds like i oh no and the inflection in his voice is just like if we were to say it and shrug our shoulders), bread (breh), raisin bread (ray breh). I’m sure there are other things he says, but I’m drawing a blank.  He is wearing all 2T clothes now.  He is in size 7.5 shoes!  Sometimes, he is a picky eater, and other times he eats anything.  He loves yogurt, milk, raisin bread, raisins, cheerios, any kind of cereal really, grapes, strawberries, cheese, crackers, spaghetti. He doesn’t really like lunch meat, blueberries, cheeseburgers, any chicken (except for chicken nuggets).  He has started to love juice, but very rarely is given it.  At daycare, they only give them milk and water.  He Loves his crocs shoes.  He really loves any shoes because it means that he is getting to go outside.  This weekend, he started singing twinkle twinkle and it is the cutest thing ever! He has both top I-teeth and his lower right i-tooth.  So, once the other bottom one and his 2 year molars come in, we are done with teething!  About a month ago, richie cut out the night time bottle which made me so sad.  So, we can get rid of all our bottles! 

I will try to do a brief update on Mackenzie.  She is a spitfire. She is the sweetest most loving child. She loves to snuggle in the bed with daddy (I’m always up taking care of Mason on the weekend mornings). She also loves to get under a blanket with you on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse. She has finally branched out and will watch other random cartoons. She even likes Cinderella.  Of course, she loves Yo Gabba Gabba too.  She loves to play pretend with her baby dolls and with her kitchen and food. She loves to make “dinner”, set the table, and feed all of us.  She also loves to hold Mason’s hand and run through the house together.  She loves hide and seek and laughs and squeals when she finds where you are hiding.  She had her 3 year check up a few weeks ago and she weighs 34 lbs (70%) and is 38 inches tall (64%). She is very independent and always wants to do everything all by herself.  She also always wants the “whole thing” meaning the whole sandwich not cut up, the whole bag of yogurt melts, the whole strawberry, etc. She loves juice but is finally starting to drink some milk from a big girl cup at dinner.  Her favorite food is a cheeseburger.  She loves to sing and is learning so many great songs at her new christian daycare like “this is the day”, “zaccheus”, “jesus loves me” and of course the basics like baa baa black sheep, row your boat, the itsy bitsy spider, this old man, and bingo.


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