Info Dump

So much has happened in the past 6 months or so.  I have quit my job, we found renters for our home, we found a home to rent, I started a new job, we moved, the kids started a new daycare, it was a disaster so they switched daycares, we all survived the craziest tax season since we have had kids, and now I am finally able to have some room to breathe!  I am going to try to post something everyday about the kids and our daily lives from now on. I know I have said that before, but I feel so guilty about missing out on documenting a lot of milestones over the past year.  I have jotted down random things along the way that I am going to transfer here in this post. These are all things that I have quickly put on the notes app on my phone or either scribbled on a yellow notepad at work.  While it’s not much, I’m thankful that I at least took the time to do the little that I did.  Some of it goes all the way back to when Mason was born, so it might be duplicating other previous posts.  So, here it goes!


Mason started sucking his thumb.  Mackenzie pats herself on the back.  She loves playing outside.  First bottle of pumped bm drank 1.5 oz. I pumped 3 oz after nursing. first paci. took bandage off circumcision. He is having more awake time. He is too small for the bouncy seat or swing and doesn’t really like them. He fits perfectly in 3 mo clothes.  Newborn clothes are way too short.


He loves his paci and eats every one and a half hours. Sleeps four hours straight.


Mason is one month old!  The past three nights, he has slept ten to 3 or 4. Last night he slept all day when we went to greensboro and still slept 11 to 5. He woudln’t go back to sleep so I put him in the swing at 6 and slept on the couch. At 7:15, he got fussy and I got him and he slept on the couch with me until 8:30. He didn’t poop for a whole week, but this weekend, he finally had two huge ones.  He takes his paci sometimes.  Mackenzie loves to try to cover him up, give him his paci, and burp him. If i am holding him, she points to the swing like “put him there!” Two weeks ago he really started being more alert and following our face with his eyes and focusing on us. The past few days he has started grabbing at my hands and arms if I’m burping him.  He grabs hair and my necklace.  His belly button finally fell off after 2 weeks and 3 days.  He was born 10 lb 4 oz and discharged at 9 lb 12 oz. At 5 days old, he weighed 9 lb 13 oz. He had to get an ultrasound on his neck at 6 days old. At 8 days old, he weighed 9 lb 15 oz.  We are moving away from the swaddle because he doesn’t like it.  Moving to the crib next week.  In size one diapers and 3 mo clothes.  Drinks 5 oz at a time.


The other night, Mason was saying dadada over and over.  First time I have heard him say consonants!  Last night he ate puffs!  and he picked them up himself! Saturday night Mackenzie signed Twinkle Twinkle and Wheels on the Bus which were so adorable.  I didn’t even know she could do it until I started singing them and she started doing the hand motions! Mason can sit up all by himself now and can jump in the jumparoo.  He drools constantly and right now has a really bad runny nose and coughing.  Last night he slept 7:15 pm until 4 am! Drank 4 ozs and then slept until 7:15 am! I had to wake him up! Two weeks ago on a saturday night, the Bryant’s were over and he started crying at 9:30.  I decided to try to give him a bottle and he sucked the whole thing down and slept until 4 or 5.  Since then, we have been giving him a bottle (rather than relying on nursing) and he is sleeping much better. One night last week, he slept 12 am to 7:45 am!


This morning Mackenzie was riding in the car with her finger up her nose.  Last night mason slept 7:30 til 5:15 without a peep! He drank 4 oz and then i had to wake him up at 7:15! Night before last he only woke up at 3:30 and night before that, at 4:00.  I can handle this once a night thing!


Sometimes Mason sleeps all night.  Friday night he slept 7:30 pm to 6:45 am (with a feeding at around 9). Saturday night 7:30 to 4, had a bottle, and slept until 7. Last night, he was asleep at 8, bottle at 11:30 and 4:00.  He woke up for the day at 7:45.  Bedtime consists of nursing a little on the couch then feeding a bottle in the rocking chair in his room. Then if he isn’t asleep, standing up and swaying back and forth with paci in his mouth until we rock him to sleep. He used to go right down after we taught him to self sooth (cry it out) around 5 months.  Now he wakes when you lay him down so you usually have to try a few times until you can get him down without crying. He is sitting totally on his own now and has been for about a month. He can lean and reach for a toy while sitting. He hates tummy time so still no rolling or attempts at crawling. Still no baby food. Started table food last week at daycare.  He loves toast and biscuits but nothing else.  I dropped him off at daycare today and they fed him cheerios which he ate a little.  He will eat a little if he picks it up and feeds himself.  He drinks 5-6 oz bottles every 3 hours.


Mackenzie can say : more, bye, ice, shoes, boots, coat, truck, night night, juice, cup, hat, mama, dada, draw


Last night Mason slept all night!  He slept from 7:30 until 7:15 am! He woke up in the middle of the night just talking and babbling. I never went in and he went back to sleep. This morning I went in there and didn’t see him!  He had moved to where he was laying sideways in the crib.  that’s the first time he has ever been in a different place in the morning from where i laid him down at night.  The past week I have worked late so richie has had to deal with both of them.  He’s doing great.  Mackenzie takes off her shirt and pants a lot at school. Even on the playground.  She is obsessed with taking off and putting on her shoes. Almost every time we are on the car ride to school, she has taken off her shoes and socks when we get there. She tries to be helpful by putting lotion on Mason, helping take off and put on his diaper, throwing trash away. Last night richie said he was going to get her pjs. When he got back, she had undressed and was taking off her diaper. Then, she laid down and let him dress her!  Wow! Normally she runs and likes to play the chasing game when you try to change her diaper or clothes. She still loves the Party Rock Anthem song and says more when it’s over. Also she loves TGIF by Katy Perry. She loves grapes. She is in 2T clothes  and some 3T. She will put on her shoes and wave and say bye bye. Also, she will put on her backpack and wave bye bye. She can’t say the b or p sound. B sounds like d and p sounds like t. She says please and thank you.




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