Halloween and Fall Fun!

The past two weeks have been a blast with the kids!  Two weekends ago, we enjoyed Trunk or Treats at daycare and went to a fun fall festival and corn maze.  At the trunk or treat, Mason couldn’t really participate because he is still a little too small.  But, Mackenzie had a great time walking up to the cars and saying “trick or treat” in her adorable snow white costume.  They had a dj and all the little kids were dancing, but Mackenzie wasn’t interested in doing that.  She just watched from the side.  One guy with a decorated trunk was dressed as DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba.  You could tell Mackenzie was a little freaked out because it looked just like him.  She couldn’t understand how he was there in person when she always just sees him on tv.  On the way home, she managed to unwrap a huge piece of bubble gum and chew it.  But, thankfully she spit it out in my hand!  It was very big and definitely could have choked her!  Her favorite candy of choice is any kind of sucker or lollipop.  If you let her choose which piece of candy she wants, it’s always the sucker.  Saturday, we went to a fall festival in Rural Hill.  It was pretty disappointing because it was just a bunch of vendors selling stuff.  But, there was a corn maze for kids that was free, so we walked through that.  The kids weren’t impressed.  There was also a little maze made out of hay bales, and both kids loved walking through it and climbing on the hay!  Sunday, we were lazy, but we did dress the kids up in their costumes and take pictures.  Mason miraculously kept the gnome hat and beard on the entire time! 

Halloween was a hectic but fun night.  Since the kids go to bed a little after 7, we didn’t have that much time to trick or treat.  Earlier that day, I left work to go to Mackenzie’s halloween party at school.  All the other kids were dressed up, but I was too scared she would mess up her costume by having a potty accident or just ripping it from playing outside.  The teacher said that earlier in the day, she started taking off her clothes and saying she was going to put her costume on!  I felt bad for not dressing her up, but I don’t think she was too upset about it.  We got home and I fed them dinner.  The whole time, she kept talking about putting on her costume and going to trick or treat!  When we were dressing them in their costumes, Mackenzie was even helping get Mason ready by bringing us all his clothes. She was in a hurry to get started!  We got loaded up in the wagon at around 6 and were the first ones out!  There was no one else trick or treating yet.  But, it didn’t take long before the streets were packed with kids.  Mackenzie went up to her first house and I showed her how to ring the doorbell.  She was shy when the lady came to the door, but she whispered trick or treat, picked out some candy, and said thank you.  Then, she couldn’t wait to keep going for more!  By the end, she was walking up by herself, ringing the doorbell (sometimes 3 or 4 times) and even knocking on the door if they didn’t come out fast enough.  She forgot to say trick or treat most of the time because she was too busy getting ready to grab candy from the bowl.  She would always take at least 2 pieces and she learned to say “I need one for May-mase” because he didn’t go up to most of the houses.  One time, we did carry him up to a house and get candy, but then he did not want to get back in the wagon.  He wanted to be doing what Mackenzie was doing SO bad!  We carried him to a few more houses, but he was nto happy becuase he wanted to be walking!  Mackenzie kept saying “more houses!” after we left each one.  But, by the end, she was cold and was ready to go back home. 

This past weekend, the kids and I spent the weekend in Greensboro with Gigi and Pop while Richie spent some time with his friends.  It was a little stressful, but we all had a great time.  Friday night, Mackenzie had her first experience sleeping on the floor on an air mattress.  she slept in Gigi and Pop’s room, and did fairly well overall.  She was awake at 5:30, but slept all night.  This was also Mason’s first time getting to sleep in the crib rather than a pack and play, so he slept great too.  Saturday morning we got up, ate yummy pancakes, waffles, and bacon, and then got dressed.  We rode up to a neighbor’s house that has goats and horses.  The animals weren’t near the fence, so the kids didn’t really get much out of it.  But, they did see them, and Mason pointed at the goats.  Mackenzie was more interested in throwing the gravel from the driveway.  Saturday naptime was a little stressful. Mason, of course, went right to sleep at 11:45 after drinking his 8 oz bottle.  But, Mackenzie was another story.  Mix an overtired toddler with a new room for naptime and it’s a disaster.  She was running around the room, throwing her covers everywhere, climbing on my parents’ bed, and trying to turn on the tv.  So, I brought her downstairs to lay down and watch tv with us.  She wanted to run around and play, and would have a huge fit if you tried to discipline her.  Gigi finally held her really close, rocked her, and sang to her until she finally fell asleep.  It involved some crying and fighting against it, but she eventually crashed.  Mason slept for over 2.5 hours and Mackenzie slept for about an hour.  When she woke up, she was a mess because she didn’t get a full nap.  So, we had to cancel our shopping plans for the afternoon.  Instead, we went outside and played in the leaves.  The kids loved throwing the leaves in the air, jumping in them, and rolling around in them.  Then, we found a little snake so we cut that activity short!!  Mackenzie took a bath in Gigi’s big tub, and loved “swimming” in it.  Sunday night, Mackenzie slept much better than she did during her nap.  She went right to sleep in her bed.  Mason finally realized that I was in the room with him, so he kept crying.  I had to finally put him in the bed with me.  It’s the first time he has slept with me all night, ever.  At about 4:30 I did finally move him back to the crib.  Sunday morning was daylight savings time, and the kids were actually not up at the crack of dawn like I thought they would.  Mack was up at 6 and Mason slept until 7:15.  We packed everything and headed home. 

I think the highlights of the kids’ trip were: building and knocking down towers made of blocks with Pop, Mackenzie helping Gigi cook and bake cookies, Mason climbing up into all of the chairs and the couch, Mack watching Yo Gabba Gabba youtube videos with Pop on the computer; playing in the leaves, playing on the Kindle Fire, playing with Pop’s binder clips and rubber bands (it doesn’t take much to entertain them!), and playing on the piano.  It was a wonderful weekend and I wish we lived closer!

Sunday afternoon, Richie and the kids spent lots of time together because he left this morning to go to Canada for 3 days.  I overheard him reading books with Mackenzie last night after I put Mason to bed, and it melted my heart.  Mackenzie and Mason are at such great ages right now.  I want to keep them like this forever!! Mackenzie is very challenging, yet at the end of the day all she wants to do is be helpful.  Mason is a little sponge and is learning so much everyday.  Today he is 15 months old and I will try to devote a post to him later today!


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