I’m back!

Wow, it’s been a crazy 3 months since I started working again.  I have actually taken time to jot down milestones and memorable moments on my phone or on a notepad, and I will have to update the blog with those when I have time.  For right now, I want to start remembering the mundane normal moments that encompass a weekend with 2 fun and energetic kids.  Tax season was pretty rough, not that I had to work terribly long hours (on some days I did), but when I would work until 7 or 8, then get home only to make bottles, grab dinner, and get to bed to get ready for the next day, it really wore on me.  Also, I had to work most saturdays for the past 6 weeks or so, so I felt like I never got long spans of quality time with Mason and Mackenzie.  On top of that, Mason was still getting up in the night for a bottle once or twice a night until about 3 weeks ago.  But, now he is officially sleeping 12 hours straight every night!!!  While I cherished the quiet moments in the dark with my little man, it was definitely time for him to grow up and become a better sleeper.  Richie was a great dad and picked up where I could be there with no complaints.  He is amazing and loves those little boogers so much.  He even survived a 3 day weekend over easter when I had to work Good Friday and Saturday.  They had fun going shopping for flowers and planting them in the yard.  Mackenzie even got her own flower pot and flowers.

Mason and Mackenzie have both had checkups since my last update, and I always like to document them for posterity.  Mason’s 6 month checkup went great (can’t believe I’m going next week for his 9 month checkup).  He weighed 18 lbs 3 oz and was in the 65%.  He was 27 inches long I think.  I will have to go back and look at the handout from the doctor.  I took him to the doctor about 3 weeks ago for an ear infection and he weight 20 lbs 8 ounces!  Wow, that was when he was 8 months old!  Mackenzie weighed that when she was a year!  Of course, his head was off the charts huge.  His appointment went well considering he had just gotten his helmet put on the day before and he had to be put on another antibiotic for an ear infection that had not cleared up.  He also got all his shots, so he was not very happy the rest of the day. 

Mackenzie had her 2 year check up on March 22 and it went really well.  She weighed almost 29 lbs and was 35.5 inches tall!  She is in around the 80% in height and 50% in weight.  the doctor was starting to become a little concerned about her talking since she still wasn’t able to put 2 word phrases together very often.  So, I decided to take her to a speech therapist for an evaluation a couple of weeks ago.  At the evaluation, the therapist asked me lots of questions about her talking and her ability to understand what other people say.  The range was from 85 to 115 for normal.  She scored 106 on the receptive language (what she can understand) and an 85 on the expressive language.  The doctor wasn’t very concerned since she can understand things.  If both had been low, she would have suggested getting her started on therapy, but she ultimately just suggested we give it a little more time and try to work with her on making her say words instead of just pointing and grunting to get what she wants. 

Mason’s helmet experience went very smoothly.  He wore it for about 6 weeks.  He was supposed to wear it for 10-14 weeks, but his head grew so fast that he outgrew it!!  Now his head is perfectly round and I can tell a huge difference.  It never seemed to bother him very much and he definitely didn’t seem to miss it when it was gone. 

Mackenzie has become such a little girl now.  She had a fantastic birthday party and the people who love her the most were all able to come which was great.  We didn’t have a very big event, but we just had some snacks and cupcakes.  It was from 2-4 on Saturday Feb 18 and we were so glad that Grandmama and Grandaddy got to be there too!  Tracy had just had surgery so she couldn’t come, but she sent the biggest bouquet of balloons ever!  It was so awesome and Mackenzie loved them.  We got her a power wheel, and it was so fun to see her face when she saw it.  But, she’s still a little too short to be able to drive it. 

Mackenzie and Mason have really started to interact which is the coolest thing to watch as a parent.  A few weeks ago, we were getting ready for school and Mackenzie was helping me get Mason dressed.  She took his pants and shook them in front of his face.  He started cackling laughing and she loved it.  She did it over and over and they both were laughing so hard.  I got it on video and I’m so glad i was able to capture that fun moment! 

I wrote several posts over the past 3 months but I either jotted them down on paper or made notes in my phone.  I will have to update this site for all those memories and notes whenever I get a chance.


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