Last Day at Home

This post was written on January 16!

Both kids are napping right now and I’m trying to soak up every moment of my last day at home with them.  I have been blessed to be at home since April 16th and I have never been away from Mason for longer than a few hours.  I’m so devastated, but I’m also trying to be optimistic that this will be the best thing for him.  So far today, I’ve focused on being present for both kids every minute.  I have put my phone away and found things to do besides sit in front of tv.  Last night was a rough one for Mason.  He was asleep by 8:15 and I went to sleep at 9:30.  At 11 he was awake and crying.  I fed him and got him back to sleep even though he wasn’t hungry.  He woke right back up crying again.  So, I gave him tylenol and rocked him back to sleep.  He slept until 2:30 when I fed him.  Then, he woke up at 5 and I fed him again.  Mackenzie woke up around 7:30 and he slept until 8.  I got Mackenzie up right before Richie left for work and we went downstairs to feed her breakfast.  She gobbled up yogurt and a whole banana, and Mason woke up right after she finished.  Perfect timing!  So, I got him up, changed both of their diapers, and we started our day.  Mason wasn’t hungry yet so Mackenzie and I read a book while he played on the floor.  By about 8:45, he was hungry so I fed him while Mackenzie watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  After that, Mackenzie was hungry again so I made a “last day at home” treat of pancakes.  She was a little impatient waiting for them to cook, but I gave her a plate of blueberries and syrup, so she explored and dipped the blueberries in the syrup until the pancakes were ready.  She had a blast eating the pancakes.  Then, she kept pointing to her little kitchen.  I figured out she wanted some bowls and pots to put her pancakes and blueberries in.  So, I gave them to her and she proceeded to make a huge sticky mess all over her high chair and all the dishes!  But, on a day like today I wasn’t worried at all about cleaning it up or setting a bad precedent for letting her have those things.  The rest of the morning, we washed dishes (she loves helping me and getting to play in the water), played with her kitchen, read lots of books, and fed Mason some cereal (it’s still a huge fail but I hope he will get the hang of it soon).  We also danced around (she had to play the Party Rock anthem several times), twirled, jumped, and took big steps and little steps around the living room.  Mason took a nap in his crib from 10:45 until about 11:20.  While he was napping, Mackenzie took the little glow worm and kept pushing its chest so it would play lullabies.  She would cradle it like a baby and rock it in her arms.  It was one of the sweetest moments and I caught it on video.  When he woke up, Mackenzie and I headed upstairs and hung out drawing on her chalkboard and pretending to pee pee in the potty. She also brushed her teeth and turned the humidifier on and off.  Mackenzie kept giving Mason pieces of chalk while he was laying on the floor next to the easel.  He tried to put the chalk in his mouth, but I managed to keep that disaster from happening. I changed the sheets on both cribs, and Mackenzie was fascinated that there wasn’t a sheet on her bed.

Mackenzie went down for a nap, I fed Mason, and he fell asleep right after.  Both were asleep by 12:30 so I had time to eat lunch and blog a little.  Mackenzie was awake by 2:15.  Mason slept until 3:30! The rest of the afternoon we spent playing in Mackenzie’s room with the chalkboard and trying to have a photo shoot.


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