Mackenzie 23 Months

Wow I can’t believe it’s only a month from Mackenzie’s 2nd birthday!  This past month has brought changes and lots of new words!  She is so fun and challenging at this age.

Right around Christmas, about 2 weeks ago, she really started talking more.  On the 26th, she called Richie “dada” for the first time.  Sure, she’s been able to say the word for a while, but this was the first time she actually looked at him and said “dada” to get his attention.  She said “mama” in that context a few days later.  She can now also say the following words (in the right context, not just repeating them) – more, mama, dada, night night, cup, truck, juice, eat, tee tee (when she wants to sit on the potty), uh oh, woah, gone gone (when something is gone or she is all done), mine (EVERYTHING is mine!), dog (or a lot of times she just says woof woof when she sees a dog), Hi, Bye Bye (although she can’t say her b’s so it sounds like da da but she is waving so I know that’s what she means), watch, help, hot.  She definitely makes an effort to try to repeat everything you say even if she doesn’t know what it means.

She got a new toy for Christmas that is a spout that you can use in the bathtub that is like a faucet but keeps sucking up the water from the tub.  Mackenzie loves it and would sit in the tub for hours if I let her.  She is also becoming very interested in washing herself.  She always wants her own rag and for you to put soap on it.

She has become a really picky eater, but I have found that she eats much better when she is at her little table instead of the high chair.  Her favorite foods these days are pureed fruit pouches (LOVES THEM!!), oatmeal, apple sauce, apple juice (she no longer likes milk very much which makes me sad), slices of plain old wheat bread, blueberries, yogurt. She isn’t very big on veggies anymore but will tolerate sweet potatoes, green beans, and peas & carrots.  She also doesn’t really care for meat. But she will eat mac and cheese or cheese sticks.  She also likes goldfish, vanilla wafers, and crackers.  She is very impressive with a spoon while she eats oatmeal, yogurt, or applesauce.  She only spills a little and sometimes none at all.  And, she’s able to get almost everything out of the cup.

Mackenzie is hitting the terrible twos with a vengeance.  If she doesn’t get her way immediately, she starts crying every time.  The tactic of ignoring her has worked well so far.  She has become very interested in the potty.  She loves to sit on the potty and wipe with toilet paper and then flush.  Of course, nothing actually goes in the potty but I guess it’s a good sign that she is interested.  Last Saturday we tried to do the “bare butt” method to see if she would use the potty. But, after 2 big pee spots on the carpet, we decided to wait another month or 2 before trying it again. She obviously isn’t ready and I’m not going to push her.  That will only lead to frustration for everyone.  Plus, she will start going to daycare full time on Tuesday so couple that change with potty training and it may be a disaster.  If Mackenzie has a stinky diaper, she immediately puts her hand in her diaper.  I have found a prize on her hands before, but I can usually catch it before it makes a mess.  Yesterday at daycare, they thought she was napping, but they looked over and she had gotten in her dirty diaper and it had gotten all over her clothes and the cot.   So I’m going to find some onesies that she can wear under all her clothes until this phase passes.  She is now officially in the 2 year old classroom effective last week.  In this class, they will gradually introduce regular cups instead of sippy cups, take away the paci at nap time, and start potty training whenever you are ready.  She is the youngest in the class so they say she struggles with listening.  But, i’m sure it will help to have her going everyday.

She has gotten much more interested in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now and kinda phased out of Yo Gabba Gabba.

She loves to copy anything you do.  She got her own little broom for Christmas, but now when I sweep, she wants the big broom and gives me the little toy one  She also loves to get the windex and a paper towel and pretend to clean up everything.

Today we met Mary Carol and the 2 boys she nannies at Chick fil A.  Mackenzie got to play in the play area for the first time!  She had a blast but thankfully was too short to climb to the top.  But, she seemed just as happy staying near the ground.

Mackenzie is still in size 5 diapers and is in 24 month and 2T clothes.  At the hospital when she got her tubes, she weighed 26.5 lbs.

I know there is so much that I’m forgetting.  I really need to blog everyday to document all the cute little moments 🙂


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