Lots of Updates

Since I have last given a real update, it’s been almost a month!  I’m such a slack mommy!  First I’ll start with Mason:

Mason is just a joy and the most precious boy.  He is now almost 4 and a half months old.  He’s laughing, cooing, and loves to be held.  Actually, over the past few weeks he has really begun to realize when he is alone and he does NOT like it!  Last week he didn’t even like being alone in his crib at night, so I had a few very sleepless nights.  He would wake up crying, but I would go in there, hold him for a minute, and he’d go right back to sleep.  Sometimes I would even give him his paci without picking him up and he would be ok for an hour or so.  Aside from those couple of nights, for the past month he has started regularly going to sleep around 8 or 8:30 and waking up around 3 or 4 am to eat.  Sometimes he wakes up again around 5 or 6 to eat a snack and then he wakes up for the day around 7 or 8.  Actually, for example last night, he fell asleep around 9, woke up at 4 and 6:15 to eat, and slept until 8:15!  Mackenzie and I were ready to take her to school and we were just sitting around waiting for the sleeping boy to wake up!  I can’t bear to wake a sleeping baby if I don’t have to, so we let him sleep.

Last week, Richie was playing with Mason on the floor, and Mason was laying on his back.  Richie grabbed his fingers, pulled him up to sit, and then Mason pushed up on his legs and stood on the floor while holding his daddy’s hands!  Since then, we have been working with him and he can stand for longer and longer times as his legs are getting stronger.  Last week, he also started rolling over from belly to back.  He can also almost roll from back to stomach.  He can kick his legs over, but his arms get in the way from letting him completely roll over to his belly.  When he is under his play gym ocean, he can really grab hold of a toy and pull himself until he is almost on his stomach.

Mackenzie is growing up so fast.  She is becoming a little diva.  When you tell her you need her to come to you so you can change her diaper/fix her hair/put on her socks/etc and she doesn’t want to, she will take off in a full sprint in the opposite direction to get away from you.  She is also obsessed with her diaper and sticking her hand down it.  If she is wearing footie pajamas that zip up, you can guarantee that while she is in her crib falling asleep, she will unzip her pjs and take her diaper off.  Last night we put her pajamas on backwards.  They snapped up and didn’t have feet, so it worked out well.  She definitely looked silly, but this morning her diaper was still in tact so it was a success!  She is slowly developing a vocabulary. She can say wow, uh oh, woah, more, go, and cup.  She has also learned the sign for please and signs more and all done on a regular basis.  If she really wants more of something, she’ll say it and do the sign for greater emphasis.  Last weekend we went looking at Christmas lights around the town, and went to this house that has tons of lights and figures all in their yard.  When we left, she kept saying more!  It was cute that she loved the lights so much. Unfortunately, we went to the best house first, so she wasn’t that impressed with the rest of the houses we saw.

On December 10, the town of Huntersville had a Christmas celebration.  We packed up the kids and went up there for a little while.  Mackenzie rode her first carousel!!!  I got on it with her and held her up on the horse.  Her eyes lit up and she loved it!  It was so fun to experience it with her.  She is getting to a great age where she can start enjoying new adventures and realizing what she is doing.  On Saturday we took them to see Santa and we got the most hilarious picture ever.


Mackenzie was excited to see Santa while we were in line, but when we actually walked up to him she got really shy.  The second we put her on his lap, she started screaming.  We didn’t even know Mason was upset about it until we saw the picture!  He never cried but he was obviously very close.

Last weekend we went to Richie’s company christmas party and it was so fun to be able to go to a family friendly event and experience something new!  Mackenzie didn’t hesitate from the second we got there.  She wanted to explore and meet all the new people.  They had crafts, a fishing game, the wii, pin the nose on rudolph, and goodie bags for the kids.  Mackenzie had a blast but I think her favorite part was the desserts 🙂

Let me go way back to tell about our Thanksgiving.  It was Mason’s first thanksgiving and our first big road trip with the 2 kids.  We headed to Tarboro on Thanksgiving morning and the ride was surprisingly great!  We had to stop in Raleigh so I could nurse Mason, but that was the only time we had to stop.  Both kids were able to take naps in the car.  We arrived at around 12:00 and had a great lunch with the family.  That weekend was a success and Mason did great in the pack and play.  We played in the leaves, went shopping, spent time with Richie’s parents and sisters and of course Peyton!  Mackenzie loved playing with the play kitchen that Sylvia has set up in their dining room.  We decided to head home Saturday morning so we could have that afternoon and Sunday to be at home.  Mason slept the whole way home and Mackenzie napped the last half of the trip.  That saturday was the day Mackenzie’s ear drum ruptured.  But, the trip was great, Mason slept well, and we were happy that there were no disasters.

The next weekend, Richie went to Vegas and I headed with the kids to Greensboro to stay with mom and dad.  It was a great weekend!  Mason all of a sudden decided to fight sleep, so it was a challenge to get him to nap or go to sleep at night.  But, we survived that.  However, it made my parents weary to watch both of them overnight anytime soon!  The first night, Mason would not settle down in the pack and play.  So, mom got out the humidifier and turned it on in his room.  As soon as it turned on, he fell asleep and slept most of the night!  I guess there is definitely something to be said about the soothing quality of white noise.  Friday morning, I packed up the kids and we stopped by my old office to visit coworkers.  Then, we went to Anna’s house to have a playdate with Gillian.  Mackenzie and Gillian played great together and Mackenzie loved seeing lots of different toys than she has.  She loved the cozy coupe and the kitchen.  Anna was trying to make Gillian sit on the potty, so Mackenzie watched and wanted to do it too.  Ever since then, she now sometimes goes up to the potty and points at it because she wants to sit on it.  She has yet to pee pee in it, but at least she’s showing an interest. The only bad part is that she loves to flush it.  She flushes it over and over again.  Saturday while we were in Greensboro, Mackenzie woke up at about 5:30 am throwing up a little.  So, we had an early morning and I was worried that she was getting sick.  But, that morning she seemed fine so mom took her up to church for Breakfast with Santa.  After they got home at about 10:30, mom was holding Mackenzie and all of a sudden Mackenzie threw up all over her and on the floor.  I felt so bad for her.  We were about to head out to go shopping with Mason while dad watched Mackenzie, but we were worried she would get sick again.  By 11, she was asleep in mom’s lap, so we put her in her crib and ran out for a quick trip while she was asleep.  (By the way, you know she was tired and not feeling well for her to fall asleep in mom’s lap.  She hasn’t done that since she was a baby).  Mom, Mason, and I were able to get some things accomplished and got home right after Mackenzie’s nap.  She didn’t get sick anymore, so we had a nice afternoon.  Dad raked up a big pile of leaves and Mackenzie loved jumping in it.  I got us all packed up and we headed home Sunday morning.  It was a great weekend!

One more quick story – A couple of weeks ago I was giving Mackenzie a bath and we were waiting on Richie to get home from work. I was getting her dried off and dressed when he got home and I heard Ramsey yelp really loud.  I got scared and started crying.  I was holding Mackenzie sobbing because I thought Ramsey would be hurt!  She put her head on my shoulder and softly patted my back with her hand.  It was so precious and it really made me feel better.  And, thankfully Ramsey was ok even though he fell halfway down the stairs!


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