What a Day

I have lots of updates including Thanksgiving and Richie’s big Las Vegas trip.  But, first I’ll write about Mason’s 4 month checkup on Tuesday and the events of today.  His appointment went really well.  He is 17 lb 1 oz (88%) and 26.5 inches (93%).  His head is huge at 98%!  He had to get 2 shots and an oral vaccine which were so sad for mommy.  But, he tolerated them just fine after the initial screaming that lasted about 5 seconds.  The doctor said I need to do better about putting him down for naps in his crib.  He should be taking 2 naps a day now.  He usually does, but since he is in the living room with Mackenzie and me, he doesn’t have peace and quiet to get a good nap. Over the past week or 2, he has really started fighting sleep.  He is outgrowing the swing which is tragic!  So, he isn’t as comfortable in it and doesn’t like to sleep in it like he used to.  The best way I have found to get him to sleep is to nurse him.  I really don’t want to get in that habit.  So I asked Dr. Lake about it.  She just said to try to be patient and avoid letting him cry it out until after he is 6 mo old.  She also said to wait to feed him solids until 6 months old.  Unfortunately, he has a really flat spot on the back of his head, and Dr. Lake said that we should take him to a cranial specialist to get evaluated for a band, or “helmet” as I like to call it.

Today was the day to go to the cranial specialist.  Richie thought he wasn’t going to be able to get off work to go with me, but he worked it out so he could go.  I’m so glad he went because I had Mackenzie, too.  It would have been chaos if I had to deal with both of them by myself!  First, the technician took lots of pictures of Mason’s head and then we met with a therapist.  The pictures and measurements showed that the flat spot is not only affecting the back of his head.  He also has some asymmetry in his face and ears.  So, she advised us to go forward with the helmet.  She said he will probably only have to wear it for around 6 weeks. I know it’s for the best and needs to be done.  But, I’m dreading putting him through it.  After explaining how big he was and the type of delivery I had as well as his position in the womb, she was sure that the head problems came in utero because of his lack of space and the fact that he was “sunny side up.”  We are waiting on the office to check with our insurance and get back to us to get the ball rolling.  The cost of the entire process is $3800 so I hope insurance covers something!

Last Saturday (the saturday after Thanksgiving), we had just returned from tarboro and I noticed that Mackenzie had dried up fluid on her right ear!  I freaked out and took her to urgent care.  It turns out it was a busted ear drum from a severe ear infection.  She got put on Augmentin which is a really strong antibiotic.  She got diarrhea and an awful diaper rash.  She is just recovering from it.  Today I took her to the doctor to see if the ears were healed.  Well, Dr. Lake said she still has really thick fluid in her ears, but the ear drum has healed over.  So, we have to put her on another antibiotic and Flonase to try to clear up the infection.  Then, we are going to an ENT in 10-14 days to get a consult about tubes. The doctor thinks the tubes might also help Mackenzie start talking more.

So, today has been a brutal day full of doctors and big health decisions for my babies.



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