Eventful Week

So, it’s been 10 days since I’ve last written.  Several major things have happened in the past 10 days.

Last Friday night, Richie had a guys night with Kevin, so I took Mackenzie and Mason to Greensboro to have an overnight trip to my parents’ house.  It went surprisingly well!  Of course, Mackenzie was great.  She loves playing with Gigi and Pop, and loves exploring their house and especially the fun stuff in their cabinets and drawers!  She also loves strolling through their yard and looking at the cats.  I was worried about Mason, but he was great as well.  It was his first night ever in a pack and play.  It was also the first time we’ve been without his precious swing, which he loves to sleep in.  But, that night he went right to sleep while I was rocking him in the comfy recliner.  It did take a little while for him to settle down in the pack and play once I put him down.  But, I nursed him at around 11:00 and he didn’t wake up again until about 3:30!  Then, we got up around 7.  Go Mason!  Mom let me sleep in their room with Mason while mom and dad slept in the room with Mackenzie.  It was a great trip!

After we all got back home, Saturday we decided to venture out to the mall as a family of four because Richie needed some jeans.  We broke out the gigantic double stroller and managed to walk all through the mall.  The stroller worked really well, but it’s definitely big!  The kids behaved really well (the key is to have lots of snacks for Mackenzie) and we all survived.  We may even do it again!  haha…

On Sunday a big milestone was hit for Mackenzie!  Well, it isn’t that big but it was big for me!  She picked up my drink from Cookout and started drinking it – out of a straw!  I have been trying to teach her to drink from a straw for months with no luck. But, now she can do it!  She has gotten a drink with a straw at restaurants a few times since then and has done great!  I’m so proud!

Last week, I had a bad cold most of the week so we didn’t do much of anything.  It also got pretty cold outside so we didn’t venture out.  One exciting thing was that we got a new tv!  Our old tv was on its last leg, so we decided to go ahead and get a new one before it finally broke.  It is our christmas present to each other.  But, we did get a great deal on Amazon.

Both tuesday and thursday at daycare, Mackenzie bit a friend!  She has never had biting issues before.  Well Thursday afternoon when Richie picked her up, he was informed that she was going to move up to the next class.  The teacher said that when the kid is the oldest in the room, they tend to get frustrated with the younger kids and bite.  Also, the fact that Mackenzie can’t talk yet adds to her frustration.  So, today when I dropped her off, I took her to her new room!  This room isn’t totally new because she is in that room any morning that she is dropped off before 8:30.  But, that’s the only time she’s ever in there.  This morning she went right in and started playing, so it helped me to leave her there.  The room is actually the same as the previous room she was in.  They just split the 1 year olds between older and younger and make 2 classes.  So, she is now in the older toddler room.

Friday we met Mary Carol and the two kids she nannies for lunch at Chick Fil A.  We had a great time and the kids were great.  Mackenzie was such a slow eater, she didn’t get time to play in the play area.  But, maybe next time!

Friday afternoon at about 4:00, Mason started getting fussy.  By about 4:30, he was screaming and I couldn’t get him to calm down.  He has never acted that way before, so I was really worried.  He would drift off to sleep, but would wake up and keep crying.  Finally at around 7:00, I decided to take him to urgent care.  I had a feeling he had an ear infection because he was less fussy when he was sitting up and would really scream when he laid down.  Also, he was pulling at his left ear.  Sure enough, the doctor said his left ear was a little red. They gave him a little tylenol at the doctor and by the time we got home from getting the antibiotic prescription filled, he was back to his normal happy self!  I fed him and he finally went to sleep at around 9:30.  Then, he slept ALL night!!  He didn’t get up until around 8 am.  Of course, I checked on him throughout the night, but he slept the entire time!  I guess all that crying really wore him out.  Keep in mind that his normal schedule for the past couple of months has been to nurse at around 1 and 4.  The next 2 nights, he only woke up once each night to eat!  Sunday night, he woke up at 11:30 crying, but Richie went in there and gave him his paci and he went back to sleep until 5 am!  Last night didn’t go so well.  I was up  a few times from 11:30 to 1 trying to soothe him with the paci, but ended up nursing him at 1.  Then, he was up again at 4:30 or so and nursed.  But, at least he regularly sleeps until 8:00 no matter how his night goes.  So, it was more like a normal night last night.  But, he has been his happy self with no sign of ear discomfort since Friday night.  It’s a battle to give him the amoxicillen, but we’re getting better at it.  Mackenzie never had to take medicine until she was about 9 months old, so I have never had to deal with this in such a tiny baby.  However, the doctor weighed him at the urgent care on Friday and he weighed 16 lbs 2 oz!  What a big boy!

Saturday we had a busy day.  We went to Ikea in the morning looking for a tv stand but left empty handed.  Saturday afternoon we put up the Christmas tree!  We taught Mackenzie how to say “woah” so she has been walking up to the tree saying “WOAH!” ever since.  It’s so adorable.

Sunday and yesterday were unseasonably warm, so Mackenzie and I got to spend time outside!  She loves blowing bubbles, swinging, and going down the slide.  Sometimes she even gets to go for a short walk in the wagon.

One funny moment – Friday night I made chili for dinner.  We were all eating and Mackenzie was gobbling it up.  Then, Richie put some crackers in his.  So, of course Mackenzie wanted them in hers.  Richie puts the whole cracker in the bowl and breaks it up with his spoon.  Mackenzie proceded to do the exact same thing with her crackers.  It is just amazing how she watches everything we do and wants to do it herself.


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