What we’ve been up to

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I have posted.  Time is flying and I can’t believe Mason is already 3 months old!!  Here are some things we’ve been doing over the past month:

  • Had a playdate with Mackenzie’s favorite former daycare teacher, Mary Carol, and her 2 kids that she is now nannying for
  • Went to a great halloween party at the Becks’ house on the Saturday before Halloween.  It was our first big outing as a family of 4, and things went great!  Mackenzie was adorable and Mason managed the chaos as cool as a cucumber.  Mackenzie had a small meltdown when they were coloring their pumpkins and she wanted the entire container of crayons instead of picking out one that she wanted to draw with.  After the party, we came home, put the kids to bed, and then Richie let me go back over to the Becks where the adult party was starting.  It was nice to be out of the house and enjoying adult conversation.
  • The Friday before Halloween, I ran to Target after the kids went to sleep.  It was the FIRST time I’ve been out by myself anywhere besides running to pick up dinner or go to the doctor.  It was so strange but nice!
  • Halloween was lots of fun!  I took Mackenzie to her school that afternoon for a costume parade and she was such a big girl.  All her other classmates were in wagons and she walked while holding her teacher’s hand.  She walked perfectly through the entire parade and didn’t even try to run to me when she went past me.
  • Trick or treating was so fun.  We only went to about 5 or 6 houses and of course Mackenzie didn’t really understand, but she loved riding around in her wagon.  She also thought her candy bucket was a hat.
  • Last weekend, Gigi and Pop took Mackenzie to hang out at their house Saturday and spend the night!  It was our first time having Mackenzie away for a night since Mason was born.  We took advantage of it by spending the afternoon at Concord Mills (that is NOT happening with a toddler!) and going out to dinner.  Sunday we slept in and then went to Chinese buffet for lunch!  It was a treat because we are never able to go out to lunch on the weekends due to her nap time of 11:30 to 1:30.
  • Sunday was daylight savings time, so we’ve been struggling with the adjustment this week.  Prior to Sunday, the kids would regularly sleep until 8.  But, they have been awake before 7 all week.  Today they actually slept until 7:30 so maybe we’re getting back on track!!
  • Today I am packing up the kids and we are heading to Greensboro for the night.  It will be our first overnight trip, so I hope it goes well!  Richie will be having a guys night of fun at Kevin’s house, so I jumped at the opportunity to get out of this house and this town for a night.
  • The weather has been wonderful, so I’ve been able to take the kids for nice walks in the afternoons.  We bought an awesome double stroller so I’m loving it!
  • We’ve also had great visits from both grandparents.  Mom, Dad, and Jared came a few weeks ago and kept the kids while Richie and I went to dinner.  2 weeks ago, Richie’s parents spent the afternoon with us as they were passing through to head to the mountains for vacation.

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