Mason – 3 months

At about the 2 month mark, I really started getting in the groove and settling into a routine with both kids.  Since then, I have had hardly any moments of being overwhelmed with mommyhood.  For the past month, Mason has also developed a very predictable sleep routing.  He takes a small morning nap around 9:30, then a long nap from 11 to 1 or 2.  Then, he is awake with only a small nap at around 5.  He goes to sleep at about 8 or 8:30.  The nights are still pretty rough for me.  He usually gets up around 1 and 4 to eat.  Thankfully, he goes right back to sleep.  He gets up for the day around 7:30 or 8.  Of course this all shifted an hour earlier when the time changed on Sunday, but we’re slowly getting back on schedule.  He has been awake at 6:30 all week, but today he slept until almost 8!!  I guess it just takes a few days for the babies to adjust.

Mason LOVES to smile and coo.  He’s quite the chatterbox.  On Saturday, we heard him laugh for the first time.  He was about to nurse and got so excited that he started giggling.  It was so funny and I’m glad that Richie and I both got to hear it.  He hasn’t laughed again since then, but not from my lack of trying!  I do everything possible to make him laugh, but he just smiles really big. He loves sitting on my knees as I bounce him up and down.  He’s doing great with his head control, but still isn’t ready for the bumbo seat.  He hates toboggans and anything around his head.  He loves sucking on his fists, and this often results in lots of scratches on his face no matter how well I keep his nails trimmed.  The scratches always happen at night.  I guess we didn’t have that problem with Mackenzie because she was still being swaddled at this age.  I’m glad that his fists help to soothe him when he loses the paci.  But, sometimes if he’s crying at night and I know he isn’t hungry yet, I give him the paci and it puts him right back to sleep.  I know it’s time to start letting him cry it out at night so he doesn’t get even more spoiled into thinking I’m going to come running in there every time he cries, but I’m just not ready to do that yet.  It would break my heart!  And, I don’t want it to wake Mackenzie up.  He’s really started to like his ocean playmat.  But, he still naps in his swing.  Unfortunately, he’s getting too big for it!  He’s outgrowing his 6 month sleepers already!  His little toes are pushed to the edge of the feet.

Last Tuesday Casey and I went to Charleston for a Josh concert and Stacy babysat the kids.  We left at 4:00 pm and got home at 2:30 am.  Well, at 6:30 Stacy texted me saying that Mason wouldn’t take a bottle.  I called her and he was screaming.  I think he cried until about 8:15 when he finally cried himself to sleep.  When we got home at 2:30, stacy was asleep on the couch and Mason was asleep in the swing.  So, he nursed really well and then went to sleep in his crib.  It worries me that he wouldn’t take a bottle, so we are trying to give him bottles every few days.  I am not very good about giving him bottles because he nurses so much faster than he drinks out of the bottle.  I’m going to buy the faster flow nipples this weekend and see if that helps.

Tummy time is going pretty well.  He’s definitely getting stronger but isn’t really a fan.  He comes close to rolling over, but Mackenzie is usually busy covering him up with blankets and rubbing his back so it would be impossible for him to roll over even if he could.  He tolerates bath time but it isn’t his favorite.  He’s outgrowing the baby tub hammock thing, but he’s not strong enough to sit right in the tub without the hammock.  I think he will like it better when he’s able to be more comfortable!


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