Mackenzie These Days

Mackenzie will be 21 months in 2 days!!  It’s so crazy.  And, this past month she has really expanded her vocabulary.  Her entire vocabulary consists of animal and car noises, but at least it’s progress!!  She can make the sounds of a dog, snake, duck, cow, tiger, lion, bee, train, and car.  I’m sure there are more that I’m missing.  Yesterday at dinner, she started rubbing her belly and saying “mmm” after taking every bite.

  • She hates having her hands dirty or wet.  Yesterday we were driving home from daycare and she reached and took Mason’s blanket off of him.  She wiped her hand off and then covered him back up.
  • She is so excited that coat weather is back.  She often wears her jacket around the house.  She also loves wearing fleece vests.
  • She is such a little mommy to Mason.  She loves covering him up, giving him the paci, and watching everything I do with him.  I bathe him in his bathtub that sits in the kitchen sink, so one day a couple of weeks ago I let her stand on a chair and watch me.  Well, now she thinks that she should be standing in the chair and playing in the sink everytime we’re in the kitchen.  And, if I try to wash the dishes while she’s eating dinner, she freaks out and wants to get out of her high chair so she can stand in her chair and play in the water while I wash the dishes.
  • Her hair is getting so long, and she hates having it in her eyes.  So, she is finally becoming cooperative and letting me fix her hair most of the time.
  • She’s in 24 month clothes and some 2T sizes.  She is in size 6 shoes.
  • She still naps from about 11:45 to 1:45 or 2.  She sleeps at night from 7 or 7:30 until 7:30 or 8 in the morning.  Now that the time changed, it is really dark in her room when we put her to bed.  But, she never complains or acts scared.  But, I feel like it won’t be long before she will want a night light.  She does lay down in her crib and want to be covered up with her blanket before we leave the room.
  • She loves wooden puzzles and reading books with me.
  • A few days ago, Richie showed her how to play games on my iphone.  Now, she loves playing on the phone.  We’ve created a monster!
  • She is still a decent eater.  She loves peas & carrots, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, all fruits, and vanilla wafers for snack.  She also loves fig newtons.  Some days she will eat better than others.  I always offer her several veggies and one day she’s gobble them up and the next she won’t touch them.  She’s doing great with a fork and spoon, but still lets me help her every once in a while.

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