Fun Week!

We’ve had a great week!  Saturday, Richie’s parents and sister Tracy came to visit for the day.  They got here about 11:30 and stayed until 4.  Mackenzie loved all the attention and went right to her grandparents when she saw them.  I’m glad she remembers them even though it could be a month or more between their visits.  Sunday morning we got up bright and early to go to the pumpkin patch with the Beck family.  It was a perfect chilly fall morning, and we had lots of fun.  We went on a hayride, saw some animals in the petting zoo area, and walked through the huge pumpkin patch to get our pumpkins.  It was a little challenging with Mason because someone had to be pushing the stroller while the other kept up with Mackenzie.  Of course she didn’t understand the concept of picking out “her” pumpkin, but it was still fun to see her explore through the patch.

This week has been very rainy and dreary, so we didn’t venture out of the house.  But, she had lots of fun on Tues/Thurs at school.  Thursday she even got to sit in a fire truck!  Monday, I had a job interview so Richie kept both kids from 7:30 until around 12:30.  It was the first time he was alone with both of them for an extended time, but everything went great which I knew it would.  Today, Mary Carol (her old daycare teacher who is now a nanny) came by for a playdate with the 2 kids she watches during the day.  George is 2 and a half and Hank is 2 months old.  George was a little crazy and taught Mackenzie some bad habits, but we had a great time.  Today she learned how to dump all her toys out of the toy basket and sit in it to play.  She also learned new ways to climb on things.  But overall the kids were great and I had a nice time chatting with another adult for a change!


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