Mason is 2 months old!

Today is Mason’s 2 month birthday!  I can’t believe how quickly time has passed since we were in the hospital 2 months ago bringing him into this world.  He is a little smiley guy that loves to chatter and coo when you talk to him.  Over the past couple of days, he has really started to coo at his mobile that is above his swing.  This week, he has also started to halfway enjoy laying under his ocean.  But his swing is still his favorite place to hang out.  He is growing like a weed and goes to the doctor next Tuesday for his checkup.  I can’t wait to see how much he has grown since last month!

He has been sleeping in his crib for over 2 weeks now and it’s going really well.  But, he isn’t on a regular sleep schedule yet.  Last week, I felt like he was really starting to dislike the swaddle, so I started to leave him unswaddled throughout the night.  It didn’t change his sleep patterns, so I guess it didn’t hurt or help.  So, we’ve continued to leave him unswaddled.  The only downside of that is that he has started to scratch his face because his hands aren’t confined to the swaddle blanket.  I even keep his nails as short as I possibly can, but he still manages to scratch himself.  I’ve become kinda frustrated because I have no idea when he will wake up any given night.  Sunday night, he spent most of the evening awake and we had a really hard time settling him down for the night, and finally got him to sleep at 11:30.  Then, he slept until 5, ate, and then slept until 8.  Monday night he went to sleep at around 8:00 in his swing.  I woke him up at 10 to eat and then laid him in his crib where fell fast asleep.  He woke up at 1, 4:30, and 7:45.  Last night, he fell asleep at 8:00 in his swing, I fed him at 10, put him in his crib, and he woke up at 3:30 and 6:30, and then was up at 8:00 for the day.  Monday night and last night started out identical, but one night he slept til 1, the other until 3:30.  I have no idea what the difference was.  I also want to start establishing a naptime routine during the day where he naps in his crib.  But, I’m not sure how to start it.  I need to do some research on a typical 2 month old’s nap schedule.

His hair is falling out and he has a little cradle cap.  He is still in size 2 diapers and he has gone back to eating every 3 to 3.5 hours.  His head is getting stronger and his favorite way to be held is to have him upright and his head on your shoulder.  He hates to be cradled like a baby. Mackenzie is still great with him, but tends to throw things at him or hit him in the head if I’m nursing him and she wants me to play with her.  She’ll bring a toy or book over to me and try to throw it in my lap, and gets VERY close to his head.


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