Mackenzie 19 months

Last week Mackenzie turned 19 months old!!  How did my little baby get so big???  My last few posts have been all about Mason, but now I want to focus on my baby girl.  She seems to change so much even from day to day.  She is so close to starting to talk.  Sometimes, she says “da” for dog and “ca” for cat.  And, Richie said that yesterday she said “uh-oh” when she fell outside.  She has stopped doing as much signing as she once did because she tries to tell you with pointing and grunts.  Since Mason has come along, she is acting more and more like a little mommy to him.  At first, she would rip the blanket off of him every time I covered him up.  Now, over the past couple of weeks she has started to be the one to cover him up instead of taking the blanket off.  She also loves to try to give him the paci.  She does stick it in her mouth sometimes, but she easily gives it back when I ask for it.  Her hair is getting soooo long!  And I love her curls.  Last week, we finally started brushing her teeth everyday.  She is getting the hang of it and has added it to her nightly routine.  She has become much more picky with her food lately.  She loves chicken nuggets and all kinds of fruit.  But, veggies are a challenge to get her to eat.  She will eat a little, but never cleans her plate (and I don’t give her that much to start with).  One of her favorite things is oatmeal, and she has become a pro at using her fork and spoon at meal time!

Yesterday I went to get her up from her nap and she was standing in her crib with no pants on and no diaper!!  And there was pee all in the crib.  I was so grossed out.  She seemed so happy and free, though!  Speaking of sleeping, she loves loves loves her blankets.  She can cover herself up, and most of the time when we check on her, she has the blanket over her face.  She loves to be tucked in at bedtime and given her teddy bear to hold.  We are also trying to teach her to say her prayers before dinner and bedtime.

The week of August 15, she got her 13th tooth!  It was the I-tooth on the bottom left side.  About 2 weeks later she got the one on the bottom right side.  Once she gets those teeth on the top, her 2 year molars are next!  Those should be fun… ha.  She has been in size 5 diapers for a couple weeks now, and we have started to wean her off her milk cup at bedtime.


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