I have totally slacked on posting on here since Mason was born.  I just can’t find the time in the day, although I think about what I’m going to write all the time.  I need to post a major update on both Mason and Mackenzie.  But, first I’ll just write about how life is these days.  We have had a pretty good week.  It was labor day, so Richie was home with us on Monday.  Monday was also Mason’s 1 month birthday!  Tuesday he went to the doctor for his 1 month checkup. He is 11 lb 14 oz and 23 inches long!  That’s over 90th percentile so he’s a big boy!  The appointment was pretty uneventful and he looked great.  He does have a minor case of thrush so I have the nasty sticky yellow stuff to put in his mouth.  The doctor also said he’s probably ready for his crib.  But, it’s been 4 days and I haven’t gotten up the guts to put him in there.  He still just seems so tiny and I want him in the bassinet next to me.  But, he’s definitely outgrowing it and would probably be more comfortable in a big crib.  He’s still being swaddled, but he can get his little fist out of it about half the time.  I’ll wake up hearing him whining and sucking on his fist when he’s ready to eat. So, I don’t think we’ll be swaddling him for 4 months like we did with Mackenzie.  The doctor also said for us to start tummy time and giving him vitamin d drops.  He got the second part of his hepatitis B shot, and was a trooper.  He cried for only a few seconds and then was fine.

Last Sunday we made the first big trip with both kids.  We went to my parents’ house on Sunday for lunch and the afternoon.  The day went surprisingly well.  Mason slept ALLLLLL day, including the ride there and back.  Mom, Mackenzie, and I went to the Mebane outlets that afternoon and left Mason with Richie and my dad.  The shopping trip was totally chaotic and I hadn’t been shopping in so long that I forgot how Mackenzie can be in stores.  But, it was nice to be out in public again since I had not been anywhere besides doctors and grocery stores for over a month (except for a trip to Babies R Us the day before that with Mackenzie to buy more bottles for Mason).

Monday we were all home for Labor Day, and we all managed to stay in our PJs all day.  Tuesday was Mason’s doctor appointment.  Wednesday was just a typical day with me watching the 2 kiddos all day.  Thursday Mason and I drove all the way to Durham for my dear friend’s father’s funeral.  The visitation was before the funeral, so we went to that but left before the funeral started.  Mason did a great job, but of course was hungry when we got to the funeral home.  We stayed about 30 minutes before he was no longer able to be pacified.  Since I am nursing and did not bring a bottle, I had to leave and feed him in the car.  On the way home, I swung by Harris Teeter because the night before I had ordered all my groceries online.  I stopped by to pick them up and didn’t even have to get out of the car!  It was great because I’ve had a really hard time figuring out a time to go to the grocery store.  A couple of weeks ago I went with Mason on a Tuesday when Mackenzie was in daycare, but his carrier takes up the whole cart so there is no room for groceries!!

To be totally honest, being at home with both kids all day by myself can be very difficult at times.  Most of the time, I manage just fine, but sometimes I hit my limit and struggle with patience. Friday was one of those hard days.  Actually it was fine until Friday afternoon.  Then, the constant flow of diaper changes, feedings, meal times, trips outside for the dog to use the bathroom, and the guilt of never having time to spend much time focusing on playing with Mackenzie was just too much for me.  But, I let myself have a little breakdown after I discovered Mackenzie had dumped all the dog food into the dog’s water bowl.  After that, I was better and went on with the day.  Mackenzie is the most curious, observant, quick, smart, adventurous, and most importantly fearless little girl I have ever been around which is a wonderful way for her to be.  But, it sometimes gets trying when I spend 45 minutes or more at a time nursing Mason.  Sadly, I have discovered that Yo Gabba Gabba is a wonderful replacement for mommy’s attention while I have to be parked on the couch feeding the baby.

Saturday morning (yesterday), we miraculously got both kids and myself dressed and fed by 8:15 and we were all 3 in the car on the way to Greensboro for Gillian’s 2nd birthday party.  I dropped Mason off with my parents before Mackenzie and I went to the party.  We had a great time.  It was a perfect day and the party was at a city park with a great playground.  Mackenzie was a little daredevil and wanted to climb all through the jungle gyms.  She loved going down the slides and running through the grass.  Of course, she tripped several times and scraped her chin a little.  But, she didn’t even whimper, got up, and wiped the dirt off her hands.  I think one of her favorite parts was the hawaiian punch she got to drink.  I think that must have contributed to the puny 30 minute nap she took all day long.  We stopped by Casey’s house and picked up 3-6 month clothes for Mason to borrow from Charlie.  Then, we stopped by my parents’ house for a little while, picked up Mason, and headed home.  When we got home, we decided to venture out for our first dinner at a restaurant with both kids!!  I was so excited!!  We went to a little mexican place right down the road from our house.  Mason slept the entire time, and Mackenzie loved the chips & queso and her cheese quesadilla.  We all went to bed early because we were exhausted!!  Unfortunately, Mason woke up at 12:30, 1:30, and 4:30 last night, so I was so tired.  I am hoping that was due to the fact that he is outgrowing the bassinet and becoming uncomfortable in it.  So, we may try to put him in his crib tonight.  For the past week we have been on a streak where he sleeps for 5 hours straight (bedtime is around 10:00), wakes up at about 3 or 4 am and then sleeps until 6:30 or 7.  So, last night was very odd.

Today we all slept until about 8:00.  It was the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 so we were glued to the tv all morning watching the memorial services.  I spent the morning cherishing watching Mackenzie innocently play and laugh and holding Mason close to my chest.  Both Richie and I have spent a lot of time the past week watching 9/11 specials on tv that highlighted numerous personal stories of survivors and people who lost loved ones that day.  Hearing so many personal accounts puts a more relatable perspective on a tragedy that is so huge.  Hearing that 3,000 people died that day is heartbreaking, but hearing the voicemail of a husband trapped in the tower calling his wife to tell her he loves her touches me in a different and more profound way.  Today is a day where I remember how blessed I am and how thankful I am to be here and have my family with me.

On a different note, this afternoon I took Mackenzie shopping for an outfit for picture day at school next week.  We went to a Shoe Carnival to look for shoes, and there was a little car in the kids shoe section that she sat in and loved playing in while we looked at shoes.  When it was time to leave, I picked her up and she totally flipped out.  It was the worst tantrum I have ever witnessed.  People were giving me funny looks, almost like they thought I had hurt her.  But, I just calmly bought the shoes and walked out with her flailing, arching her back, and making me almost drop her several times.  That was also the first time I have barely been able to get her in her car seat.  She kept arching her back and making it impossible.  But, somehow she calmed down enough for me to strap her in.  Ugh… how long do these last???  She isn’t even in her terrible twos yet!!!


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