Dear Mason

It’s 10:30 on the night before you are going to be born.  My head and my heart are filled with so many emotions as I count down the hours and minutes that we head to the hospital to meet you.  What a perfect addition to our little family.  You will give Mackenzie a brother to grow up with, fight with, and lean on through the years.  I just know you 2 will be great friends!  And, I know you will always protect her and support her even if she is the older sister.  As for your dad and me, we never would have imagined having a more perfect family, and you are going to complete it when we finally meet you tomorrow.  Mackenzie has made our hearts full of love, and tomorrow our hearts will simply double in size to love you just the same as we love her.  You are moving around in my belly as I type this.  You actually have the hiccups too!  It has been the greatest gift of my life to be able to carry you and sustain your life for the last 9 months.  It’s a privilege that I have loved every moment of, and one that I will miss.  But, meeting you, seeing your face, and feeling your tiny hand hold my finger tomorrow will better than having you hidden away inside me.  You are a blessing straight from God – a true miracle.  And, I already love you so much that words cannot express it.




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