38 weeks 1 day

Wednesday’s doctor appointment wasn’t very eventful, unfortunately.  I gained about 3 lbs to a total of 32 lbs which isn’t bad!  My blood pressure was 104 over something which is great.  Baby’s heartrate was 154-157.  The doctor measured my belly but didn’t tell me what it measured, which was annoying.  She is not my favorite doctor in the practice, and has awful bedside manor.  She wasn’t very compassionate.  She said I’m still 2-3 cm but I’m now 50% effaced and the baby is at -2 station.  So, the baby still needs to drop.  She said that next week they would schedule the induction.  I would go in next Friday or the Monday after.

This morning I’ve had crazy contractions back to back all morning.  I’ve also been super productive cleaning up around the house.  Could this be the start of active labor?  I’ve had so many instances of false alarms where I thought it might be the real thing, that I’m hesitant to get worked up about this one.  I’ve been sitting down timing them for about 30 minutes and they come 4 to 4 1/2 minutes apart and are pretty painful.  The baby is SOOOOO low that it’s hard to go from sitting to standing because he puts so much pressure on my bladder.  I have to change positions very slowly.

Mackenzie is doing great… I’ve tried to soak up as much quality time with her as possible this past week.  We’ve read lots of books and I’ve sat on the floor most of the time letting her sit in my lap as much as she wants.   She is becoming such a little independent eater!  She pitches a fit if I try to spoon feed her any yogurt or oatmeal at breakfast.  She has to have her own spoon and do it all by herself.  She does a surprisingly great job!  Of course, it’s messy but none ends up on the floor or in her hair!  But, she has become very picky about what she wants to eat.  She loves all fruits, especially the peaches that are in season right now.  She eats a banana every morning, and also LOVES grapes and strawberries.  She loves chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and black beans.  But, she has almost totally stopped eating vegetables like carrots, green peas, and sweet potatoes which she used to gobble up.  I guess I need to start getting creative and cooking dishes that incorporate veggies so she isn’t eating them plain.

She climbs on everything.  She loves when her little recliner is sitting next to the big leather chair because she’ll climb from the little chair to the big chair and back and forth until it wears her out.  She also loves to play her little keyboard, dance to the songs that her toys play, and has started to like watching Yo Gabba Gabba.



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