Waiting on a baby…

I’m almost 38 weeks and still no baby!  I’ve been dilated 3 cm since last week’s doctor appointment.  I’ve had a couple of days of strong regular contractions, but they always go away.  It’s so frustrating!  Last night, the contractions woke me up several times.  But, this morning I have only had a few sporadic ones.  I go to the doctor this afternoon so we’ll see what they say.  My mom came to help me watch Mackenzie on Monday, which was great!  We hung the curtain in the nursery that she made, and she watched M while I cleaned the whole house.  It was so satisfying to have everything clean.  I hope this baby comes in the next few days or I’ll have to clean everything again!  My dad stopped by for a few hours and hung out with us Monday afternoon.  He and Mackenzie had a great time eating ice cream together and playing with his blackberry.

This past weekend was full of running errands and doing things around the house.  I can’t even remember what we did!  I’ve had major baby brain the past few months.  Mackenzie and I did venture out to the mall on Saturday afternoon by ourselves.  That was brutal.  She loves to pull everything off the racks and shelves, and she made a total mess with her peanut butter crackers.  But, we got everything accompished and I crashed when we got home.  Sunday, our friends’ daughter got baptized so we went to their house for a gathering after the baptism.  Mackenzie had fun playing with the toys, but we only lasted about 45 minutes before we were tired of chasing her around the house.  Oh how I love living in a baby-proofed home and it’s so hard going somewhere that isn’t.

Mackenzie has still not really talked yet, but she’s starting to say things that resemble words.  She sounds like she’s saying “yes” sometimes, and she calls Ramsey the “da.”  I guess that is close enough to dog.  She babbles sentences in her own language which is hilarious.  She sounds so serious when she’s talking, like she’s really saying something important.  It has been a week and a half since she’s had her night time bottle!  We stopped giving it to her last Friday and she’s doing great!  She still gets a cup of warm milk before bed, but it’s not in a bottle!


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