35 weeks 6 days

I had my weekly baby checkup today.  I had lost 2 lbs since last week!  My blood pressure was 114 over something.  I saw Dr. Bull who is so wonderful… my favorite doc in the practice for sure.  I had the dreaded strep b test that is done really close to delivery.  She also checked my progress and I’m 1-2 cm dilated!!  I had tears come to my eyes when she told me that.  The tears are a mix of fear, disbelief, excitement, and panic!  I am measuring perfectly which is good.  But I told her about the 31 week ultrasound and how he was in the 80th percentile.  So, she said we will de a follow-up ultrasound next week.  She said she expects that I will be having the baby 1 to 2 weeks early, so that means it will happen in 2 to 3 weeks!!  But, of course she said it could happen anytime or I could also go past my due date.  It’s just not an exact science.

The swelling has almost totally gone away in my feet since we got back from the beach.  The only time I swelled really bad was the week we were at the beach. I’m not sure why, but I’m so happy it has gone away!  Baby boy is moving around like crazy!  But, the doctor said his head is really low which is good.  He’s getting ready!  The heartburn is still awful if I don’t take my medicine.  This past weekend the sleep really started to get harder… peeing every couple of hours and tossing & turning all night.  For the first time, I thought that I’m ready for this pregnancy to be over.

I have a long list of things that need to be done, but I finally started packing his clothes for the hospital.  My mom is coming on Tuesday to go shopping with me for fabric for curtains.  We also need to buy paint and hire painters.

I have such mixed feelings about this pregnancy being over.  I know that it will be the last time I’m pregnant.  And, I LOVE being pregnant.  So, I want to cherish every moment that I feel him kicking in my belly.  But, I know I will forget just like I did last time.  I’m also nervous because our nice routines are going to be turned upside down.  I love our schedule that we have established for Mackenzie.  It works so well for us.  But, I know we will develop a new normal.  The contractions are coming so often and are getting stronger.  So, I really don’t know if I will make it another 2 weeks.  This week, taking care of Mackenzie has been much harder than it has been.  I get tired so fast, and that makes me have very little patience with her.  I’ve raised my voice and gotten frustrated more than I ever have before.  I sit on the couch and watch her play rather than sit on the floor and play with her like I used to do.  I turn on cartoons so she’ll be entertained, and I never did that before.

Our life is about to change, and I just don’t know if I’m ready!!  But, I know that seeing my son will be an amazing miracle that I can’t wait to experience.


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