Almost 17 Months!

We have had a busy month since I last posted!  First in pregnancy news, I’m 99 percent sure the baby dropped 2 days ago at 34 weeks 5 days.  All of a sudden Wednesday afternoon, I started being able to breathe easier and my bladder felt completely smushed.  I went to the doctor yesterday for my checkup and I wasn’t able to see the doctor since my appointment was at 3 and they were so far behind.  So, I had to see a random nurse practitioner that I have never seen or heard of.  My weight wasn’t so stellar, but I hadn’t gained any weight in the 2 weeks since I had been last.  I’ve gained about 28 lbs since the beginning.  Blood pressure was 102 over 60 something.  My belly measured 36 weeks and the baby’s heartbeat was all over the place!  He was moving around like crazy and it spiked at 170.  But he calmed down and it went back down to the 140s.  The NP said all is well and I could choose to come back in 1 week or 2.  I chose to come back in 1 week since I didn’t see a doctor this time.  Next week I see Dr. Bull who delivered Mackenzie.  Can’t wait to see her again!  I loved my experience with her so much!

Mackenzie has become such a little girl!  I just can’t believe it.  And, I know I’m biased but she is the most beautiful toddler I have ever seen.  Her hair is getting so long and curly.  She has little ringlets which are the most adorable thing ever.  On Tuesday and Thursday this week, the daycare put her hair in a little ponytail on top of her head to get it out of her eyes.  So, I guess I need to start doing that too!  They said it gets in her eyes and she rubs it.

Last time I posted, she was sick with a crazy virus.  Well, her fever broke that night and we headed to Tarboro and the beach on Saturday.  The baby shower was great, even though Peyton and Ashlea weren’t able to be there.  We got lots of cute clothes and a few other things we really needed.  Mackenzie loved running around the huge fellowship hall and even let some of the other ladies hold her and play with her.  But, her favorite person to hang out with was her granddaddy.  Sylvia had cleaned up Ashlea’s old kitchen play set and had it set up for M to play with while we were there.  She loved it and loved playing with the fake food and dishes.  Sunday morning we skipped church so M could have a nice nap and be able to see the Meads’ before we left for the beach.  We left for OBX at around 3:00.  Sunday night Tracy fixed a yummy dinner for all of us (rebecca and Austin were there too).  Rebecca has a super nice cat that Mackenzie loved to pet all week long.  The cat was great with her, and if he ever got annoyed, he would just leave.  Monday Mackenzie seemed super whiny all day long.  We tried to let her swim in the pool and she was not interested at all.  After her nap, she was really irritable, so I decided to take her to urgent care.  She did have an ear infection and got on some antibiotics.  By the next day she was back to her happy self.  Monday night we went out to a nice dinner ( Myron had come into town for the night).  Mackenzie was really ill, but Rebecca was great with her and carried her around the restaurant and let her look at the fish aquarium and gift shop.  Rebecca was a great big cousin the entire trip and was such a help to Richie and me.  Tracy was great too… they definitely love their Mackenzie!  Mackenzie knew that if she went up to Tracy, that Tracy would find something new and exciting for her to play with or eat.  At one point, Tracy gave her a bucket and dumped a whole sleeve of crackers in it. Mackenzie carried it around for 2 days, eating bites of cracker here and there.  Tuesday we decided to try out the beach.  Mackenzie loved playing in the sand and couldn’t get enough of the waves washing up on her feet and legs.  Richie carried her out into the ocean at one point and she kept wanting to go back out there.  I didn’t know if she would like the sand since she’s been very picky about keeping her hands clean lately.  But, she didn’t mind it at all… even put her face right in the sand a couple of times.  Tuesday afternoon we didn’t do much.  Tracy went back home that afternoon and that afternoon we rode north and explored some shops.  That evening we ordered Chinese for dinner.  Wednesday morning Richie, me, Mackenzie, and Austin went out for breakfast.  After Mackenzie’s nap and Tracy got back to the beach, we all rode south and went to Hattaras.  We saw a fishing boat arrive at Oregon Inlet and they had 4 huge tuna.  We also stopped and took pics of the Nights in Rodanthe house.  On the way home, we stopped at DQ and Mackenzie had her first dairy queen ice cream!  That night we all went to dinner and had yummy seafood.  Mackenzie really wanted a fried shrimp, but I was too nervous about an allergic reaction.  Thursday morning, Austin and Tracy went back to Sunbury and Rebecca, Richie, me and Mackenzie went to the beach for a little while.  However, this time there were jellyfish everywhere.  So, we were very wary about letting Mackenzie get in the water.  She walked down the beach for a while with Richie and played in the sand.  After naptime, we all went to the NC Aquarium.  Mackenzie loved looking and pointing at all of the fish in the tanks.  we got some really cool pictures of the big shark tank.  Mackenzie even touched a sting ray!  Thursday night, some friends of the Hoflers came over and they all played cornhole after we got pizza delivered.  Friday morning we cleaned up and made the long 6.5 hour trek home.  We left at 9 and got home at 3:30.  Mackenzie did very well considering the long ride.  I was very surprised.  She lost it near the end, but I couldn’t complain about how the ride went.  We missed Ramsey but he seemed to have fun at the kennel where we left him while we were gone.

We had a nice long weekend after we got home on Friday.  Saturday we worked in the nursery, got the queen bed taken down, and the crib put together.  Saturday night the 3 of us drove down to meet Kevin and Stacy for dinner and they we hung out at their house while M slept in her pack and play.  We figured she would be fine since she had slept in it for the past week!  Sunday we met my mom and sent M off to stay at her house for the night while we went to see Zac Brown Band.  It was so HOT!  But, the show was awesome as they always are.  But, Monday morning I was glad to get my baby back.  She had fun with my parents, though.  My mom was running her bath and she left the room leaving my dad in charge.  My dad ran into my old bedroom to put the cordless phone away so M didn’t throw it in the water.  4 seconds later he got back in the bathroom and M was sitting in the bathtub with all her clothes on!  I can just see her little face with a huge smile on it.  I’m sure she was so proud of herself.

This week was our first normal week in 3 weeks since she was sick and then we were gone to the beach.  Mackenzie returned to daycare on Tuesday and it was much easier to drop her off than I thought.  She was a little clingy, but once the teacher took her, she was fine.  She didn’t cry at all.  Wednesday we had Kristina, Gavin, and Giuliana over for a playdate and lunch.  Thursday she was back at daycare and I made more headway on the nursery.  Today I decided to take Mackenzie to the pool all by myself in my 8 month prego glory.  We surprisingly had a good time and it wasn’t too exhausting!  Afterward we went to Mcdonalds for a frozen lemonade (for me) and an ice cream (for M.)  When daddy got home from work, we ate dinner at chilis and it was yummy!  Mackenzie loved her cheese quesadilla and looked precious as usual.

A few weeks ago Richie and I took Mackenzie to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville.  It was such an awesome place!  It’s a big nature preserve that you can drive through and feed the animals.  Mackenzie was scared of the emu birds because they would stick their beady eyed little heads in the car or right at the window begging for food.  But, she loved looking at the pigs, zebras, big horned cows, buffalo, giraffes, and hippos.

Over the past month, Mackenzie has become so smart!  She is a little sponge.  It used to take several attempts and even a week or 2 to teach her something new.  Now, it seems like she can learn something in a day or 2.

  • She can sign more, all done, hungry, sleepy.  She can also nod yes.  We haven’t taught her how to shake her head no!
  • She can spread her arms out wide when you ask how big she is.
  • When Richie gets home from work and I say “daddy’s home” she runs to the door and holds her arms up. the cutest thing ever.
  • She learned what a cat was at the beach with Rebecca’s cat.
  • She has started to stand up in her high chair over the past couple of weeks.  I need to start strapping her in or either making her eat at her little table.  She knows what it means when i say to sit down, but she won’t do it unless I start walking toward her to make her sit down.
  • She has really become a sensitive little girl!  Last weekend, she was laying on Richie’s chest and for some reason bit him on his chest.  He was taken by surprise so he put her on the floor and yelled that she shouldn’t bite people.  She went to the other side of the couch and buried her head in the cushion.  It was so pitiful.
  • A couple of weeks ago, she was playing with her sippy cup of milk.  She would suck milk out of it, and instead of swallow she would let it run down her chin and down the front of her shirt.  Richie told her no and said to come over to him and bring him her cup.  She just turned her face away so she couldn’t see him and just stood there frozen.  It was almost like she was thinking “if I can’t see him and I stand really still, he’ll forget I’m here”.  I was cracking up but of course trying to hold it in.
  • She still sleeps from about 7:30 to 7:30.  And she may lay in her crib and babble and play for up to 30 minutes before falling asleep.  In the mornings she will also lay in bed and play happily.
  • She still has a 7 oz bottle of milk before bedtime.  We need to stop but I am just having such a hard time letting go of the last “baby” thing she is doing (besides her paci)!
  • She is in size 4 diapers, but I put size 5s on her at night so she doesn’t leak as bad.
  • She’s in 18 month clothes and will probably be in them for the rest of the summer.  However, I can tell she is getting taller because her dresses and shorts are getting shorter than they were at the beginning of the summer.
  • She still loves her Dr. Seuss books and all books for that matter.  But, she doesn’t have the attention span to make it more than 3 or 4 pages into a book before she is moving on to playing with something else.
  • She really loves her baby dolls.  She loves feeding them, loving them, and pushing them in a stroller.
  • She’s getting really good at throwing and kicking a ball.  We’re also working on her catching a ball that has been rolled to her.  She’s getting better!
  • She gets into everything.  She can now reach the kitchen drawer.  It is impossible to even try to clean the house when she is here and I’m by myself.  She loves drawers, cabinets, and unfolding folded clothes.  She also loves getting into my necklaces and bracelets.
  • There are so many more things I wanted to write about, but I can’t remember now, of course!

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