Our Week – Lots of New Things!

Mackenzie has had quite an exciting week!  On Monday I noticed that she cut another tooth!  It’s on the top left side of her mouth and it’s a molar!

On Monday, I dropped Mackenzie off in her new toddler room at school.  I was worried about her because she has been extra clingy during drop off the past couple of weeks.  But, Monday she immediately started exploring the room and playing with the toys.  She didn’t even look back at me when I tried to kiss her goodbye.  This week was transition week which means she got dropped off in that room each morning and stayed longer and longer in there each day before going back to her old room.  Yesterday she spent her first full day in there, and she did great!  She is taking great naps and they say she is holding her own among all the other kids.  She’s the youngest and smallest, but only in size.. not in personality or smarts!  I have to say that I shed a few tears on Thursday, her first full day in that class.  She has been in the same class with the same teachers since she started there at 3 months old last May!

Tuesday she had her 15 month check up.  She weighs 22 lbs 8 oz and is 30.5 inches long – 50th percentile in both so she’s perfect!  The doctor said everything looked great.  She isn’t concerned about her not talking and said she could not talk until 2 but that we shouldn’t worry.  She is right on track for a 16 month old in her communication skills.  She is equal to a 20-24 month old in her motor skills which is great!  The doctor said we should be sure to give her vitamins (I am giving her gummy vitamins which she loves).  We also need to give an omega 3 supplement.  We need to drop her night bottle by 18 months and train her to use a straw sippy soon.  She said M needs 24-30 oz of milk a day, but I have no idea that is going to happen only through cups.  She doesn’t even get that much with an 8 oz bottle included.  The doctor also said we could start doing time out (when they are at an 18 month level).  She said the key is to make them face the wall or anything where they can’t make eye contact with you.  Then, keep a stern voice and a firm grip on their waist or shoulders to make them stay in one place.  Eliminate the love and connection.  She had to get one shot – the DVT vaccine.  It wasn’t pleasant, but she only cried while it was happening.  Her paci soothed her and helped her stop crying.  That night in the bath tub, she was fascinated with the bandaid and carried it around in her hand the rest of the night once I pulled it off her leg.

Last night, we decided to take Mackenzie to her first big ticketed arena event – the Nascar Pit Crew Challenge.  She is usually on a very strict 7-7:15 bedtime schedule.  This event didn’t even start until 7, so we had no idea how she would do.  But, she loved it!  Of course, she got restless and wouldn’t sit in our laps, but she was content standing up in front of us.  We sat with some friends who have a 5 year old and a 19 month old.  She played with them a little and they loved eating snacks together.  I had a bowl of goldfish that she was eating out of .  I offered it to Graham and he tried to take one.  They were both standing up in front of our seats.  She pushed him out of the way and wouldn’t let him have any!  Then, she started cramming them in her mouth so there wouldn’t be any for him.  It was really funny, but it also showed us that we will have to start teaching how to share!  We put her pjs on her before we headed home, and she fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got home, which was at 9:30!!  She also didn’t get her night bottle, so it was the first day of her entire life where she didn’t get a bottle all day!

Tonight we got invited to a baseball game, but I decided to keep Mackenzie at home because I thought she needed to get back on her schedule.  It’s a good thing because she has been sleeping soundly since about 7:05!

In pregnancy news, I’m just getting bigger everyday!  He’s a mover and a shaker in there.  He has started getting the hiccups which is great because it means he is practicing his breathing.  I can’t figure out how he is positioned in my belly… sometimes I think his head is down and other times I feel lots of movement down low.  I have 3 days until my glucose test, and I’m getting nervous!


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