15 months

My baby was 15 months old on Friday!  I just can’t believe how quickly time flies.  Today she began her transition to the toddler room at school.  I will drop her off there everyday this week and she will return to her older infant room at some point during the day, spending more and more time in the toddler room each day.  By Thursday, she will be in her new room permanently!  I was shocked when I heard she would be moving up last week.  The day before, her teacher had told me it would be August when she moved up!  She has had Ms. Wagner as her teacher since she started last May, so it will be very sad to leave her.  But, she said she would be happy to babysit anytime, and I’m sure we’ll stop by and say hello in her room every once in a while!

Yesterday, I decided to drop Mackenzie’s morning bottle and she has done great the past 2 days.  We just go straight to breakfast.  She still takes an 8 oz bottle at night, and I’m not in a hurry to drop that one.

She got her 9th tooth – Thurs Apr 28 – molar on her left side.  I can’t believe she’s getting molars!  More aren’t far behind because I can feel her swollen gums.

We had a great 2nd easter in Tarboro.  Sylvia had a little easter egg hunt for her that sunday afternoon, and Mackenzie loved putting the eggs in the basket.  She cried when she found them all and it was over!  The day after Easter, we welcomed Mackenzie’s cousin Peyton into the world which was so wonderful!

Tantrums are in full force at our house.  We try to ignore them, but this weekend Richie also started putting her in time out.  We make her sit in the corner for about 30 seconds or so.  I think she got it a little bit because she cried when we wouldn’t let her leave the corner.

We  had a wonderful Mother’s Day in Greensboro.  Richie was at the race in Darlington, so Mackenzie, Ramsey, and I spent the weekend with my family.  We had fun going shopping, playing, and exploring the church playground at Tabernacle.  She loved playing with the toys, but didn’t like getting the cedar shavings stuck to her hands.  If they got stuck, she would shake her hands until they fell off.  One of her favorite things was getting in Pop’s golf bag and playing with the golf balls and tees.  She liked putting the balls in the box they came in.

She is still a wonderful eater.  Around April 20th, we introduced strawberries, and they have become a regular menu item.  A couple of weeks ago, I gave her a boiled egg cut into pieces, and she ate it but didn’t love it.  Last week, I started giving her a fork during meal time.  She loves trying to figure out how to use it.  She still can’t really get any food with it, but she’s definitely practicing.  Daycare also is trying to teach this to her.  She prefers getting a whole fist full of food and cramming it in her mouth.  She’s really good at putting about 15 green peas in her mouth at once.  She has lost interest in cheerios as a snack, so I’ve started giving her puffs again.  We have switched to organic milk because the doctor said the hormones in non-organic have shown to cause early onset of puberty.  We also try to buy organic strawberries.

She still isn’t talking.  But, a couple of weeks ago her teachers said she pointed to herself and said her own name when someone said where’s mackenzie? We haven’t been able to repeat this, but they swear she did it.  This weekend she pointed to Richie and said “dada.”  We were trying to work with her asking what our names are.  Was it a coincidence?  Who knows!  She points to Ramsey when we ask where the dog is.  We are trying to teach her to blow kisses, and she’s starting to learn how to do it.

Her favorite toy right now is her stacking cups.  She stacks them on each other and puts them inside each other.  She is also starting to show interest in baby dolls.  She has one doll that came with a little stuffed bottle.  She can take the bottle and put it up to the baby’s mouth.  She also puts it in her own mouth and then smacks her lips.  It’s so cute.  She also enjoys coloring, and colored in each of her grandmother’s mothers day cards this year.

I took her to see the Easter Bunny.  She wasn’t scared of easter bunny when she could walk up to him and pet his leg  but was scared when in his lap.  she almost didn’t let go of my shirt when i put her in his lap.  The picture showed her crying of course!

A couple of weeks ago we went to the doctor to get her ears checked, and they were clear!  The doctor said if she had another infection, she would be referred to an ENT.  Her nose started running on Saturday so I hope it d0esn’t turn into an ear infection!  The doctor told us to use flonase, and it seems to be helping stop the runny nose.  A couple of weeks ago, Mackenzie’s eyes were red and swollen, but I don’t think it was pink eye because they weren’t running or goopy.  After a few days the swelling went away, so it must have been allergies or something irritated them.  Who knows!


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