Baby Boy – 28 Weeks

This pregnancy is flying by!  About 2 and a half weeks ago at my doctor checkup, I was measuring 2 weeks big!  They also found sugar and protein in my urine.  I go next week for my glucose test,  and I’m really thinking that I will be diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

I feel like I’m huge!  This baby is so active which is wonderful!  I’m already feeling elbows and knees moving across my belly, which I don’t remember feeling so early with Mackenzie.

Last week I started having braxton hicks contractions, which is something I never experienced with Mackenzie.  I’m having lots of low stomach pain and it’s becoming hard to walk.  We went shopping this weekend and Richie kept having to wait for me because I’m walking so slow.

I think we finally have a plan for the nursery, we just need to buy the crib.  We are using the guest bedroom furniture and taking down the queen bed.  We are thinking about decorating with guitars and record albums.  We still have no name, but we have over 2 months to decide that!


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