14 months

I’m a little late since she’s almost 14 and a half months, but my little Mackenzie is getting to be such a little toddler!  She’s running now and climbing on everything.  She loves to crawl onto the coffee table, and her little chair we got her for Christmas has become a hazard because she climbs in it and then stands up in the seat.  She still loves loves loves books, but she has no attention span so we usually just look at a couple of pages or flip through the book really fast before she wants to move on to the next book.  But, she’s so cute because she will come over to where you are if you’re sitting on the floor, back up to you, and plop down in your lap.  In the past few weeks she has become a major daddy’s girl.  She chooses him over me most of the time, but I try not to let it bother me too much.  It’s precious to see them together.

Last week was a big week – she got her 8th tooth (the bottom right tooth beside her front 2 teeth) AND we got rid of her afternoon bottle.  She did great 2 weekends ago with no afternoon bottle, and daycare said she did great all week too!  So, last weekend we dropped her late morning/before nap bottle too.  Over the weekend, I gave her a sippy cup of milk instead of her bottle.  At daycare this week, she did great too!  She didn’t even want the milk in a cup before her nap.  So, she is now officially just taking a bottle first thing in the morning and right before bedtime.  I don’t know when I will drop those bottles because I want her to continue to get the milk nutrients.  She doesn’t really drink much out of her cups, so I know she will not get nearly the same amount of milk if we drop all her bottles.  As far as eating goes, she’s a great eater.  She’s not picky and she loves mandarin oranges, deli turkey, strawberries, cheese cubes, tomatoes, carrots, and any kind of cracker or bread.  She also likes black beans and pinto beans.  If she is hesitant to eat something, all you have to do is eat it yourself and get her to watch you and she will usually try it.  On the way to Tarboro about a month ago, she crammed too much goldfish in her mouth at once and started choking. We frantically had to pull over on the highway and unstrangle her.  So, I have put the goldfish away permanently until she can learn to  eat things one at a time.

She is a fiesty and daring little girl.  She always gets incident reports from school that say that she fell and hurt herself.  The teachers always feel so bad telling me she got hurt again.  I asked if she gets hurt more often than the other kids (all the other babies in her class are girls too), and they said she does get hurt more often because she is more daring and not afraid of anything.  They said she is definitely the most rambunctious person in her class!  Then a couple of days later, the director of her daycare stopped me and said that she wonders what Mackenzie will be like when she grows up because she is so strong-willed and determined.  She goes after what she wants no matter what.  Although this could get her in trouble or hurt at this age, I hope she never loses her will because I want her to grow up being a strong and confident woman.

About 3 weeks ago we had an incident at daycare where Mackenzie bit 2 people in one day!  I felt so awful because we had such problems with her getting bit by other kids.  But, it must have been an isolated incident or due to teething.  They started using oragel on her gums and she didn’t bite anymore!  She is supposed to move up to the toddler class in about 2 months.  Last week she was in the toddler room when I picked her up.  All the little kids were sitting at a little table eating goldfish, and she was sitting right with them.  She looked so grown up like a little girl.  It made me sad to think that she’s growing up.

She still isn’t talking, but she’s definitely understanding more of what we say.  She knows what it means to go get her shoes and put them on (she tries to put them on but obviously can’t do that yet).  Last weekend I taught her how to point to her ear and foot.  We’re still working on other body parts.  She loves to give high fives and will walk back and forth from me to Richie giving us high fives.  She always has a bottle right before bed, so if you put her bib on she knows she’s about to have a bottle.  If you put the bib on a little early because she’s drooling, she gets very upset when she doesn’t get her bottle.  So, we have to be careful about that.

Her feet have hit a major growth spurt.  She’s been in size 3 forever.  About a month ago she measured a 3.5 wide.  Today I took her to stride rite and she’s measuring into a 4.5 almost 5!  She’s been wearing size 3.5 shoes almost everyday, so I guess I need to retire them.  She now has just 1 pair she can wear and they are little nikes that my mom bought her.  Today I bought her some little keds and some white sandals for the summer.  But, who knows how long she will be able to wear them if her feet keep growing so fast.  She’s in between 12 and 18 month clothes, but she’s mostly in 18 month now.  It’s so fun to dress her in summery dresses and cute tank tops!  2 weeks ago we had pictures made at Freedom Park by a lady who is a blogger that I follow from Minnesota.  I learned she was having photo shoots in Charlotte and jumped at the chance to have one.  I haven’t gotten them back yet, but I know they will be great.  We mostly got pictures of Mackenzie, but there were a few taken of all 3 of us.

Mackenzie is still a great sleeper.  Still lights out at 7:15 or so and she wakes up around 7 am.  She takes a good 2 hour nap when she is at home- usually from 11:30 to 1:30.  At daycare she only sleeps from 45 min to 1 hour 15 minutes.  She used to nap on the drive home from daycare in the afternoons, but she rarely does that anymore.  She loves her paci and we try to keep at least 2 in her crib.  Most mornings, she always has one in her mouth and the others in her hands.

She is in size 4 diapers and hates getting her diaper changed, or her clothes changed.  But, sometimes if she has number 2, she will want you to change her so when she sees you coming with the wipes and diaper, she will lay down on her back and be a perfect angel while you change her.  But, that doesn’t happen very often.

We’re very very close to having tubes put in her ears.  She went back to the doctor today for another round of antibiotics.  I think this is her 7th ear infection.  She’s also had a runny nose for 3 solid weeks.  She’s been on zyrtec that entire time in case it’s allergies.  It helps a little, but her nose still runs all the time.

She loves to be outside, and we can’t wait until we can start taking her to the pool.  I hope to get her in swimming lessons soon.

I think that’s it for now!  We’re having a blast with her and excited about meeting her baby brother in less then 4 months!


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