Big update

It has been an eternity since I last updated about Mackenzie, so this is going to be a long one!!!  I’m sure I’ll forget so much, and I may even repeat things I’ve said previously.  But, here it goes!!!

  • Since January 9 when she took her first steps, she has become a pro walker.  Now she is even running and man she is FAST!!  Of course, most of the time she sports a bruise on her head or face, but she’s so tough that she rarely ever cries when she falls.  This weekend, she even got her first pair of little nikes which are super cute.
  • She had her 1 year checkup on March 8 and is doing great!  She weighs 21 lbs 4 oz and is in the 50th percentile.  She is 29 1/2 inches long which is in 75-90 percentile.  The doctor said she is a little underweight, but nothing to be concerned about.  She had to get 3 shots and had her finger pricked to test for anemia and lead levels.  It was pitiful because she cried and cried.  We went home and she slept for 2 hours!
  • On February 19th we decided to switch her from formula to whole milk. We did it cold turkey and she never even hesitated to drink the milk.  She loves it, but we thought she might have a milk allergy. Her BM’s got really light colored and pale looking, but the doctor said it was nothing to worry about.  Whatever it was, her body worked through it and now she is back to normal.
  • We still need to get rid of the bottles, but she still drinks 4 6 oz bottles a day of milk.  The doctor said that the bottles should be gone by 18 months so we’ll have them out by then.
  • She is awesome at the sippy cup now.  It happened right around her first birthday, and now she always has a cup at meal times and snack times.  She just gets water in it for the most part.  Daycare gives her apple juice occasionally but she doesn’t get it at home.
  • She’s slowly growing into 18 month clothes.  All of her summer clothes are 18 month size.  But, 18 month pants are still way too long.  It’s not a big deal for the summer dresses, capris, and shorts.  Her 12 month clothes still fit great, but they will be tight very soon, particularly her pjs.
  • We’re on a great sleep schedule.  She naps at 11ish for about an hour or 2 (at daycare, she only sleeps for 45 minutes).  Then, she goes to bed at 7:15 after we’ve had dinner, a bath, and her bottle.  She sleeps all night until 7 or 7:30 the next morning.  She does NOT like to be rocked, so after her bottle, we just lay her in her crib, turn on the monitor and humidifier, and leave closing the door behind us.  She never makes another peep.  When she turned 1 year, we started using a blanket, but she never keeps it on her.  She loves her pacifiers in the crib, and she always has 2 at a time.  In the mornings, she will have one in her mouth and one in her hand when you go to get her out of the crib.
  • Last night I think she had a night terror or a bad dream.  At about 8:30 she woke up screaming and when I went in there, she was laying there seemingly asleep, but was crying. Her hair was wet from sweating and it took me a good 5-10 minutes to calm her down.  When she stopped crying, she went right back to sleep for the rest of the night.
  • She is a really good eater and isn’t very picky, thank goodness!  Her favorite foods are carrots, mandarin oranges, peaches, green beans, green peas, and bananas.  She also loves yogurt and cheese toast.  She isn’t a big fan of meat, but she has tried hot dogs and ate them pretty well.  However, I’m going to try not to make them a meal staple.  She’s only had them once at her grandparents’ house. A few weeks ago, we went to dinner after  a long afternoon of shopping, so we got her a kids meal at the mexican place.  She got a scoop of ice cream for dessert and loved it!
  • Finally, in February we installed a convertible car seat in my car for her.  But, she was very uncomfortable being rear facing.  So, on March 5, we turned her to front-facing.  I know it’s not the recommendation, but her little legs are just too long!  That same weekend, we also bought a big girl car seat for Richie’s car, so we’re packing up the carrier for about 5 months before her baby brother comes along!
  • Right after her 1st birthday, the weekend if February 24th, her top two teeth beside her front teeth popped through!  Then, 2 weeks later she got her left bottom tooth beside the front tooth.  The right bottom tooth is so close to popping through.  Now we really need to add toothbrushing to our nightly routine.
  • She is becoming so smart and learning new things everyday!  Her favorite thing is to put things in and take things out.  For example, she will pull things out of the laundry hamper and then put them back in.  Last week, she figured out how to use the diaper champ and she stuffed a t-shirt in it and shut the lid.  So I had to fish out the shirt from the dirty diapers!
  • She loves to climb the stairs.  We block them with the pack and play, but when we leave it open, she always runs right over there and starts to climb!  She laughs the whole time because she knows she isn’t supposed to be there.
  • She loves the dryer.  She will put clothes in it like mommy does.  Last week she learned that she could climb in it, so now she climbs in the dryer every time I’m doing laundry.
  • If you tell her to go get a book and bring it back to you, she will.  It’s so cute!  Her favorite books are the bath time book and “good morning, good night.”  She also likes the Elmo valentine book that her aunt Tracy got her.
  • She has started having an attitude and can throw a major temper tantrum.  She melts down if she doesn’t get her way or if you don’t give her what she wants.  So we are going to have to start ignoring her and not giving in.
  • She can stack blocks, but loves to knock them down better.
  • This weekend she discovered the piano keyboard that has been in her toy box since Christmas.  She’s been obsessed with playing music ever since!
  • If you give her a brush or comb, she will brush her hair.. so cute!
  • She’s still not talking, but is understanding more and more.  I think she knows where the dog is when we talk about Ramsey.  She also knows what a book is and what her bottle or milk is.  Also, if I ask her if she’s hungry or wants to eat, she always starts to whine so I think she knows what that means, too.  If I tell her to give me a big hug, sometimes she will come up to me and lean against my chest.  But she doesn’t do it every time.
  • Yesterday she was climbing up the steps and pointed to Richie who was sitting on the couch and said “da” really loud as if to say “look at me daddy!”  I don’t know if she was really saying “daddy” or if it was just a coincidence.
  • last week she got bit at daycare and it broke the skin. So, she had to get an HIV blood test!  They had to draw blood out of her arm like a big girl and she did great… just a little whimper and no tears!  Thankfully the test came back negative. Not that I was ever really worried…
  • She loves being outside and playing on the daycare playground.  She has a sand and water table that she has played with a few times in the backyard and she loves it, too.  I’m so ready for warmer weather so we can be outside all the time!
  • While most babies have a safety blanket or stuffed animal that they carry around, Mackenzie loves her jackets!  If she sees any of her jackets, she will grab it and walk around with it.  Sometimes she even wants to put it on.  This morning I put her big coat on before school, and her lighter jacket was hanging next to it.  When she saw it, she started reaching for it and whining, so we let her take it with her in the car to school, too.

Whew, I think that covers most things!  On the new baby front, he is kicking and moving like crazy!  He’s so much more active than Mackenzie was at this point or ever!  I think he’s also a lot bigger than she was at this point.  This morning I had a dr. appointment and he said they would closely watch his size.  I’m measuring a little big but nothing too crazy.  Last week, Richie felt the baby kick which was cool.


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