1st Birthday Party

This post is a month late, but at least it’s better late than never!  Mackenzie had a wonderful birthday party on February 18th.  The week prior to the party was busy with cleaning, planning, and prepping for the big day.  I took the day off on Thursday to clean the house and finish shopping for the food for the party.  Richie’s parents came into town on Thursday night and kept Mackenzie at home on Friday while Richie and I went to work.  Friday night Richie and I had a date night and went out to a nice dinner at Red Rocks.  But, the whole time I was thinking of all the little things that still needed to be done.  We got home at about 9:00 and I started running around like a crazy person.  Saturday was the big day!!  We had lots to do in the morning, and guests started arriving at around noon.  Everything looked great for the party!  We had lots of food – meatballs, deli spirals, goldfish and animal crackers for the kids, nuts, fruit and veggies with dip (thanks to my awesome mom!) and of course the cake.  Richie’s sister Tracy made the cake and it was fantastic!!  She also made a little smash cake for the guest of honor.  I didn’t do anything major in terms of decorations, but I did have cute plates, napkins, balloons, and a high chair decorating kit.  Richie had the awesome idea of hanging up all of Mackenzie’s daycare artwork around the dining room as part of the decorations.  It was a really special touch.

The party was officially from 1 to 3, and Mackenzie’s nap time is usually from 11:30ish to 1.  So, it was imperative that she go down for her nap on time or a little early.  At 11, I fed her a bottle and tried to lull her to sleep with Yo Gabba Gabba cartoons.  But, she wasn’t having it so Richie loaded her in the car for a little ride around the block.  That did the trick and she was out in about 2 minutes.  She took a nice long nap and we had to wake her up at around 12:40 because people were already arriving!  We dressed her in her adorable outfit of a custom made “1” shirt with her name on it and a pink tutu.  When we brought her downstairs, there were about 12 people in the living room, and she was a little freaked out since she was still groggy from her nap and didn’t know a lot of the people.  It took her a little while to warm up, but some goldfish did the trick to make her feel all better.  To be honest, the whole afternoon was a big blur, but we loved having all our family and close friends together to show Mackenzie how loved she is.  Mackenzie’s friends Alyssa, Gillian, and Gavin were here, and they had lots of fun playing together.  The weather was beautiful, so we carried her high chair outside for her to enjoy her cake.  I’m glad we did, because she made a mess!  At first, she just dug her hands right into the cake, but didn’t understand that she could eat it.  Once Richie gave her a little taste of the icing, everything clicked in her mind and she started pigging out!!  She would take big handfuls and cram them in her mouth. Miraculously, she was a very dainty eater, though.  She hardly got any icing on her face and none got in her hair!  Richie had installed her swing (our birthday present to her) the weekend before, so some of the kids were taking turns on the swing while we were all outside.  We came inside and got her all cleaned up, and shortly after started opening gifts.  She got so much fun stuff!  She got lots of toys and bath toys.  Also, she got some really cute clothes.  Lots of people had traveled a long way to get here, so everyone left right at 3.  The rest of the afternoon, Richie, Mackenzie and I just relaxed because we were all so tired!!!  But, it was a wonderful and perfect day.


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