Exciting news!

I know I have so much to write about Mackenzie – turning 1, her awesome party, and all the changing and learning that has taken place in the past month or so.  But first, I have to tell our latest news.  We are pregnant!  I’m due August 12th, and I’m 18 and a half weeks.  We had our big anatomy ultrasound today and we’re having a boy!!  I had settled on the fact that we were having a girl because this pregnancy has been almost identical to Mackenzie’s.  I have had minimal morning sickness, the same food aversions, and the heart rate has been right in line with hers.  But, all those wives tales mean nothing, I guess!  Because it was clearly a boy this morning on the screen.  He checked out perfectly – all his parts and organs looked perfect.  And, he was moving around like crazy.  The first thing the tech looked at was between his legs, and it popped right up!  Later Richie said he knew it was a boy just by looking at it before she even told us.  I cried and I couldn’t see Richie’s reaction, but I did hear him laugh and he put his hand on my leg.  The baby is measuring 20 weeks, while I’m only 18 and a half weeks.  He is about 12 ounces and 15 cm long.  His legs are particularly long – they measure 20 and a half weeks.  So, maybe he’ll be tall like his daddy!

Since this is the “coming out” post about our new baby, I guess I need to go back to the beginning.  This was a complete shock to both of us.  I decided to take a pregnancy test on a Monday because I was a few days late.  It was positive, but Richie had lots of meetings at work and his boss was in town which entails late night dinners.  So, I didn’t get a chance to tell Richie about it until Tuesday night!  I put the test in a Christmas gift bag (it was December 7th) and I told him I had an early Christmas present for him.  He pulled it out and thought I was joking.  Since then, we’ve taken a while to wrap our heads around it all.  We told our families the news at Christmas.  We had photo books of Mackenzie’s first year made, and put a little note in the back of the book announcing Mackenzie is going to be a big sister.  Thankfully, this pregnancy has had no big scares like Mackenzie’s had.  It’s been really smooth sailing.  Now we have to go out and buy some blue stuff!  It will be so fun!  We are truly blessed and I am in awe that God has blessed me with the perfect family.


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