Approaching 1 year

In 3 days my baby will be a year old!  I cannot believe it.  It’s so hard to wrap my brain around the fact that she is turning into a little girl with a BIG personality!  She took her first steps a month ago, and now she is officially a walker!  For about the past week and a half she has become such a great walker.  She prefers to walk rather than crawl.  And, she’s so good at it.  Of course, there are still falls but they are much more controlled rather than her sprawling on the ground face first.  However, sometimes she tries to run and that causes her to have bigger falls since she’s definitely not ready for that yet.  The only times she tries to run is when she sees an opportunity to get somewhere that she knows she isn’t supposed to be (specifically the stairs!).

Speaking of the stairs, last weekend she discovered them and she can even crawl up them!  Our steps have 2 stairs and then a landing with a turn to go the rest of the way up the stairs.  The only place to put the baby gate is at the landing, so she always has access to the first 2 stairs.  She loves going up to them, climbing them, and holding onto the baby gate.  However, this is a problem when she tries to get down because even 2 stairs are a problem and could cause her to get hurt since she hasn’t figured out how to get down yet.

One of the most amazing things is to watch her learn right in front of your eyes.  About a month ago I tried to give her a snack trap with some cheerios in it for a snack.  Well, she couldn’t grasp the concept, so she ended up making a huge mess.  Well a few days ago I tried it again, and she knew exactly what to do!  She would reach in and grab one or 2 at a time and eat them.  She got a busy ball popper for Christmas and she has mastered how to hit the button to turn it on.  I think she likes to turn it on more than she likes to actually play with it once it’s on.  Her favorite toys are still her ring stacker and her sorting shapes box with the top with the different shaped holes to put the toys back in.  The past couple of weeks, she has started holding everything up to her ear like it’s a cell phone.  It started with actually putting my cell phone up to her ear.  Now, she does that with the TV remotes, small stuffed animals, etc.  Her favorite part of the day is still bathtime.  She would stay in the tub all day if we let her.

Last week, Mackenzie got sick with RSV.  It was really scary for me and she had to be out of daycare for an entire week.  Luckily, she didn’t have a really bad case of it and never had to be hospitalized or on breathing treatments like many babies do.  I think she was spared because she was older and stronger.  It’s a lot more dangerous in younger babies.  But, she also had a really bad ear infection so that added to the problems.  While we spend day after day stuck in the house, she got very bored and even would have temper tantrums and screaming fits out of boredom.  One time, I got really worried that something was wrong and she was in pain because she was screaming and crying so loud, but I carried her up to her nursery to play and read books and she turned immediately back into a happy content baby.  I think she was happy to be back at daycare to see her teachers and friends!

Mackenzie seems to get more and more picky with her food.  If she thinks she isn’t going to like something or if it looks funny, she will often refuse to even open her mouth to try it.  I tried to feed her a boiled egg a couple of days ago, and she held the piece in her mouth for about 2 seconds before she spit it right back out and refused to open her mouth again.  Last night she did the same thing with lasagna.  But, I picked up a piece of it and ate it while she watched me. Then, she started eating it!  I guess she realized it wasn’t so bad if I was eating it too.  I’ll have to remember that if she does it again.  She is doing better with the sippy cup but we still haven’t started trying whole milk or weaning her off of bottles.  I put it off since she has been so sick.  This morning she woke up with a really snotty nose so I think she’s getting another cold.  At least she’s still on antibiotics for the ear infection.  She goes for her year check up next week, so we will discuss the plan for introducing milk and cutting out bottles when we see the doctor!  When she went to the doctor for RSV, she weighed 21 lbs 14 oz!  She was fully clothed so I know that isn’t accurate, but she’s definitely getting so big!

We finally bought her a convertible car seat and she seems to like it a lot more than her carrier.  We need to get another one for Richie’s car, but she can still fit into her carrier for a little longer while she is in his car.  She is now a size 3.5 shoe according to stride rite last weekend, so we had to buy her another pair of shoes.  She is quickly outgrowing all her 12 month clothes.  We are trying to get her to start talking, but she hasn’t said any words yet.  She has mastered waving hi and bye, and even waved to an older couple at a restaurant on Saturday night which was super cute.  When the man would wave back, she would turn away and act shy.  I think she understands some of what we say, but I can’t really tell.  For the past week, she has woken up crying at least once a night.  I try not to go in there because I know she’s ok.  But, it’s so hard to not give in.  I don’t want her to learn that we will come running at the slightest whimper.  But, I don’t want her to feel abandoned either.

Next weekend is her big first birthday party, so I’ll post a recap soon afterward!  We are keeping it small with close friends and family.  But, I still hope it will be a special day for her!


One thought on “Approaching 1 year

  1. Jared

    I’ve always had this site bookmarked on my computer, but I haven’t checked it in months so I decided click the link not expecting to see so many great posts! So now an hour later I’m all caught up. Mackenzie will always hold a special place in my heart for bringing me so much joy during a difficult year. If I never have kids, at least I’ll be able to be a small part of yours and I’m very thankful for that. You and Richie are doing a great job! Happy birthday Mackenzie!! I love you!


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