11 months old!

Mackenzie was 11 months old last week.  I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by.  I know it’s been almost a month and a half since my last update, but nothing too major has changed.  Sunday, January 9th Mackenzie took her first steps!!!  It happened when Richie and I were coaxing her to walk from one of us to the other.  Over the past couple of weeks, she keeps getting braver and steadier on her feet.  She can take about 6-7 steps before falling down.  I try to let her fall (as long as she isn’t near a sharp table corner or on hard floors) because I know it’s important for her not to be scared of falling.  So far, every time she falls she gets right back up and never sheds a tear.  When she is walking from Richie to me, or vice versa, she tends to lunge forward into our arms instead of walking right up to us.  Sometimes she’ll be pulled up at the coffee table and then decide to walk across the room with no encouragement from us.  It’s awesome to watch her teeter across the room and then fall.  You can see her concentrating so hard at keeping her balance.

We celebrated her first Christmas which was such a special time.  She got lots of fun toys like a mini recliner, a baby doll stroller, a learning kitchen, a purse, busy ball popper, clothes, books, and lots of other little toys.  Of course, she wasn’t all that interested in it, but she had fun with the boxes and the wrapping paper.

Last week, she finally started to put things back into things like her purse or a box.  She has loved taking things out of containers, but now she can put them back!  Next step is to teach her to clean up after herself.. haha.

She is almost totally eating table food now.  We no longer have to bring baby food to the daycare for her.  She just eats whatever the chef serves each day for breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.  She’s up to 4 7-oz bottles each day, but I really need to start weaning her off the bottle since her year birthday is rapidly approaching.  She’s starting to become more interested in her sippy cups,  but I still don’t think she’s getting much water out of them. She just likes to hold them and chew on them.  Her favorite foods are bananas (she gets so excited when I get one and cut it up), cheese, and puffs/yogurt melts.  She is not a fan of meat.  I’ve tried to give her plain chicken and ground beef but she just spit it out.  However she will eat meat if it’s mixed with something else.  Last night, the daycare had family appreciation night and sent home a spaghetti dinner with each family.  Mackenzie LOVED eating the spaghetti noodles, and could suck them up just like a pro.  She also liked the meatballs.  But, a couple of weeks ago she learned that if she drops something on the floor, she can watch the dog eat it.  So, of she doesn’t really like something, she’ll share with Ramsey.

She is starting to outgrow some of her 12 month clothes!  I’m excited about her 12 month dr appt to see how much she has grown since her 9 month appt.  We have finally achieved a baby-proof living room which has allowed us to just sit on the floor and enjoy playing with her rather than chase her around and pull her away from things she isn’t supposed to play with.  We had to pack up all our dvds because she loved to pull them all off the shelf.  We have baby gates up.  She still loves to push the buttons on the cable box and receiver for the TV, so we still need to buy a TV shelf with cabinets.

Mackenzie has developed a love for books.  She will sit and turn the pages and look at the pictures.  She doesn’t have much attention span when you try to read them to her.  She’d rather look at them by herself.  She is not a good napper at all.  I’ve found that the only way to get her to nap is to turn on some cartoons and hold her in my lap while we watch them.  She’ll usually drift off to sleep.  But, she still sleeps from 7:15 pm to 7:30 am every day.  We attempt to rock her to sleep every night, but she prefers to be laid in her crib while she’s awake.  When I rock her, she squirms and cries, but when I lay her in the crib, she always rolls on her tummy and falls right asleep.

She is developing her own little personality and it’s so fun to watch.  She has a little attitude if she doesn’t get her way, or if we take something away that she wants but shouldn’t have.  We are trying to teach her to word “no” but she thinks it’s funny when we say it.  I can tell she is really starting to understand what we say, but she still isn’t talking or saying words.  She babbles and chatters constantly, but I have no idea what she’s saying.  She has started to wave finally.  The other day I picked her up from daycare and she smiled and waved at me when I walked in the room… it melted me heart.

She loves her bathtime, but all she wants to do is stand up while she’s in the tub.  It’s a challenge to get her to sit down long enough for me to bathe her and wash her hair.  She loves to splash and try to grab the running water.

We broke down and bought a convertible car seat for her to use.  She’s quickly outgrowing her carrier and I know she will enjoy sitting in the car seat much more than the cramped carrier.


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