Almost 9 months old!

Over the past few weeks, it seems like Mackenzie lost so much of her “baby” characteristics.  She has such a personality and is on the move everywhere.  It makes me sad that the infant days are quickly coming to an end!  So much has happened in little Mackenzie’s life since my last update!  I will have to do bullet points or else I could write a novel!

  • Thank goodness my busy season was over on Oct 15th!  On the 16th, Richie, Jared and I went to the nascar race while my in-laws babysat for us.  We had fun, and I know Mackenzie had a blast with her grandparents! 
  • The morning of Oct 17th, I walked into her nursery to get her out of bed.  she was sitting and playing, and when I walked in I watched her pull up and stand at the railing!!  What a huge accomplishment!  I took lots of pics. 
  • We’ve really worked with her on her naptimes while she’s at home.  Now, we always put her in her crib for naps, and the sleep time has almost doubled!!  So, the peace and quiet must really help her to stay asleep longer.  She only takes one 30 minute nap at daycare everyday, and I guess it’s because there is always so much going on that she doesn’t want to miss anything!
  • On Oct 19th, we decided to let Mackenzie start to try finger foods at daycare.  We also started bringing her sippy cup so she could start learning to drink water from it.  They say she loves the food!  She eats everything from french toast to cheese/crackers to diced peaches.  The only thing I shy away from is meat.  I plan on talking to the doctor about it at her 9 month checkup on Nov. 16th. 
  • On October 20th Mackenzie had her first accident report at school 😦  She was crawling out of the ball pit and she hit her forehead on the floor.  But, they applied ice, and lots of hugs and kisses to make her feel better.
  • On October 25th, Mackenzie picked up a puff, put it in her mouth, and chewed it up for the first time!  I know that doesn’t sound very special, but it’s such a huge milestone after watching her fumble with them for weeks!  Of course, we got a video of the exciting event.  Now, we always give her some puffs, yogurt melts, or cheese puffs as an appetizer while she’s in her high chair waiting on her meal to be served.
  • Friday October 23rd, I took the day off work and Mackenzie & I spent the night in Greensboro!  We had lots of fun on a playdate with Charlie and Sophia, ate lunch with Anna and Mackenzie’s buddy Gillian, went to a really cool bag sale, and spent the rest of the evening/night with Gigi, Pop, and Uncle Jared!  We had lots of fun and Mackenzie especially loved sharing pacifiers with Charlie.  While at their house, I looked away for a minute and when I looked back at Mackenzie, they had swapped pacifiers and were sucking away!  While at lunch, Mackenzie sat in a big girl restaurant  high chair for the first time.  She loved being able to look around and grab everything on the table.  Her favorite part was throwing her baby doll on the floor about 50 times and watching me pick it back up.
  • While at Gigi’s house, we went on a nice walk and took some photos of Mackenzie in some neighbors’ yards that had pretty fall decorations like mums, pumpkins, and even skeletons!
  • On Saturday, Oct 24th we hung out at our friends’ Mark and Kristina’s house.  Their son Gavin has a little truck that was the perfect height for Mackenzie to sit on and pretend to ride around on.  She LOVED it!  Everytime we would put her on it, she would grin and be so proud.  When we would take her off, she’d immediately crawl back over to it and try to climb on.  So, of course 3 days later I went out and bought one for her to have.  It’s one of her favorite things!
  • Speaking of favorites – her official favorite toy is a wooden spoon.  It’s hilarious because she’ll dig through her toy box just to find it. 
  • One thing she still needs to learn is how to sit back up after she has been crawling or laying on her tummy.
  • Her least favorite thing in the world is to lay on her back.  Changing her diaper and dressing her have become quite a challenge.  I have learned the art of distraction to keep her occupied.  Her favorite distraction is the diaper rash cream tube. 
  • Last week was her first Halloween!!  She was the cutest piglet ever.  Friday night we went to trunk or treats at her daycare.  We didn’t stay long because she wasn’t very interested and it was her bedtime.  But, we watched the costume parade and saw the adorable kids in their costumes.  Saturday we went to the Renaissance Festival, and Mackenzie loved being outside.  It was a beautiful day in the low 70s.  Saturday night we went to Kevin and Stacy’s house where Mackenzie played with her friends Casey and Taylor!  She was a little overstimulated and overtired, so we had a hard time putting her to bed in her pack and play.  I hope it didn’t scare Jen and Kelly who are 7 months pregnant and heard her tantrum!
  • Sunday (the actual day of Halloween) we laid low, but we did manage to go in the back yard and take some pictures of her in her outfit and with the pumpkins.  We also went next door and got some pictures of her trick or treating at Bill’s house.  She was more fussy than usual on Sunday, so we didn’t overdo it.  I just thought it was her top teeth trying to come in. 
  • On Sunday night, she was awake almost the entire night crying and wanting to be held.  It started at about 1:00 and I wasn’t able to lay her back down in her crib for the rest of the night.  It was so awful.  I took her to the doctor on Monday even though she never had a fever and I thought it was just teething.  Well, it turns out it was an ear infection!  So, my poor baby is on her first ever antibiotics, which I guess isn’t too bad for almost 9 months old.  I hope this doesn’t become a trend throughout the winter months and flu season.  After the doctor, we went to Target to fill her prescription and she got her first ride in the front of a shopping cart.  She loved it and it made her feel so much better!
  • Monday night was also a rough night but better than Sunday night.  Richie got up with her for the first part of the night and I took the second half.  Richie kept her home from daycare until about 11 when she woke up from her morning nap.  Tuesday night was a whole lot better but she still woke up once.  The past 2 nights have been back to normal with 12 hours straight of sleeping!  So, she’s on the mend!
  • On Sunday Richie and I are leaving for 4 days to Las Vegas!  I hope I can enjoy myself even though my heart will still be in Charlotte with her grandparents. 

Mackenzie amazes me everyday with how smart and happy she is!  She lights up the room, and even the daycare teachers have confided that she is their favorite even though they aren’t supposed to have favoritism.  She is cruising, crawling, and pulling up on EVERYTHING!  She is on the move and never slows down.  However, I did turn on cartoons monday during our sick day and she seemed to like them before she fell asleep.  We have to be careful because she always seems to find Ramsey’s dog food bowl and loves to play with the food!  During the rough part of this week, all she wanted was her mommy.  Even though it was hard for Richie to take, and it was hard to see her in pain, I’m just so thankful to be able to soothe and comfort her.  She is the most amazing and precious gift, and I will miss her dearly when we are on our vacation.


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