7 Months Old

Where does the time go?  Lately, Richie and I have found ourselves reminiscing about our birth story and the first few weeks after we brought Mackenzie home.  She is such a different baby now, and I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by!  We had the most wonderful weekend this past weekend.  Saturday we took a family trip to the pediatrician’s office, Target and Ikea.  We had to stop by the doctor to pick up some formula samples they set aside for us.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE our pediatrician?  Here’s just one more reason why.  That stuff is expensive!  Mackenzie did great just hanging out in her stroller taking it all in.  By the end of the Ikea trip, she was definitely ready to be set free on the living room floor to play, but she tolerated it all really well.  She loved eating her peas, squash, and apple/pear/banana combo during her meals.  She also tried to eat some puffs, but we’re still not quite there.  When she put one in her mouth, she would try to chew, but was still not really able to figure out what to do. 

Yesterday, we had a great morning full of playtime and snuggle time.  Then, we got ready and headed over to visit with our friends who just had a baby.  They also have a 20 month old, and he and Mackenzie played great together.  They didn’t really pay any attention to each other, but Mackenzie loved playing with his xylophone.  We’ll definitely have to get her one – maybe for Christmas.  Later yesterday evening, we rode up to our neighborhood playground and pushed Mackenzie in the baby swing.  She didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either.  She just kinda laid back and enjoyed the ride.  We got some great pictures of her with our brand new DSLR camera.  I still have no idea how to use it, but I’m learning.  All in all, it was a wonderful weekend and I loved spending lots of time with my #1 girl. 

The big news of the weekend was that Mackenzie can ALMOST crawl!  She is so close!  She can get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth.  She can’t quite figure out what to do next, but once it clicks, I have a feeling we will be in trouble!!  I already miss the tiny baby that she used to be, but I love watching her learn and change.  It’s amazing to see the world through the eyes of a baby.  And, I know it will just keep getting better. 

This weekend she sported her first pair of pink high-top chuck taylors!  She was so adorable.  We put her in her jumparoo, and she could get major traction to jump like crazy!  I took some cute videos of it. 

Both at daycare and on the weekends, she rarely ever sleeps during the day.  She takes a max of 2 30-minute naps a day.  I’ve just never heard of a baby with this sleep schedule, but I’m definitely not complaining since she sleeps for 12+ hours every night uninterrupted.  Plus, it allows more playtime with mommy and daddy, which we can’t ever get enough of!  Other notable things about Mackenzie these days include:  We finally moved up to the size 3 nipples on her bottles this weekend.  She was definitely ready, but there is more that runs down the side of her mouth now.  I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it.  The past few times I’ve fed her, she has rubbed or held onto her ears.  I guess that’s how she soothes herself.  I may have mentioned this before, but she has stopped pulling on my hair.  Now she just loves to rub it with her fingers.  She’s still a major drool-monster and goes through at least 3 bibs a day when we are at home with her.  But, she still has no teeth.  I’ve been getting sad at the thought of her growing up so quickly, so I’m ok if the teething holds off for a little while longer.  She LOVES to hit things and whenever I try to teach her how to clap, she slaps her legs and gives a huge grin… um not quite Mackenzie but close enough!  Her hair is gradually thickening up and getting longer.  But, it’s still got a long way to go before we can start putting bows in it.  Also, her eye color hasn’t changed in a long time.  It’s been hazel with a ring of brown right at the center for about 3 months now.  I wonder if that’s how it will stay. 

Last night as I was rocking her to sleep, I read her the book “guess how much I love you.”  It’s the first time I’ve chosen to pull it off the book case to read it to her.  By the end, tears were streaming down my face.  With all the busyness and hectic moments of having a 7 month old – from washing clothes and bottles to feeding to entertaining her to changing diapers to bath time to laughing and playing – there are very few times where I get to be still with her and just soak in how much of a blessing she is and how much I love her.  Any time I get to spend with her is special, but these moments are what I will always cherish more than the others.  When I looked down at her and her eyebrows were furroughed in confusion because she had never seen me cry before, I couldn’t help but laugh.  She’s such an observant and smart little girl…. and such a miracle.


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