6 months old!

Dear Mackenzie,

I can’t believe you have been here on this earth for 6 months already.  You have traveled and had lots of fun adventures so far with many more to come!  Your baptism last weekend was so special and it was a day I will cherish always.  I take the vow I made very seriously to raise you in a Christian home and teach you to live for Jesus everyday. 

Right now, you love to sit up and play with your toys, especially anything that you can fit in your mouth to chew on.  We’ve pretty much retired your swing and ocean playgym.  But, even if I sit you up on the floor, you always end up on your stomach.  The funniest thing is that you love to lay on your stomach to play, where you always hated tummy time before.  Now you’re so strong, you can push all the way with your arms and reach for things so much easier.  While on your tummy, you can also shimmy your way across the floor and look around at the world around you much easier than if you’re on your back.  You usually push with one arm so you end up pushing around in a circle.  Even if I lay you on your back to play, within seconds you have rolled onto your stomach.  However, you still don’t like to lay on your stomach to sleep.  But, I’m sure there will be a time soon where you will learn to sleep that way. 

You love rice cereal and oatmeal!  But, you still refuse to eat anything else.  I have tried carrots, pears, bananas, sweet potatos, green beans, and even puffs.  But, you just spit it all right back out.  You’re almost 100% on formula now which has been a hard transition for mommy.  But, I think it’s the best thing for all of us.  When you’re eating, whether from the bottle or nursing, you will cover your eyes with the backs of your hands if you’re really focusing on eating or trying to fall asleep.  You don’t want any distractions! 

The past 2 nights, you’ve decided to stop sleeping 12 hours straight, and you have gotten up about 3 times each night crying.  Mommy isn’t sure if you are just lonely or maybe in pain from teething.  As much as I love my sleep, I don’t mind at all to rush in there, snuggle you in my arms, and rock you back to sleep.  The thought of trying to make you cry it out is unthinkable right now.  If there is a slight chance that you’re in pain, I want to comfort you. 

You are the most precious and beautiful baby girl.  Happy 6 month birthday!  Your daddy and I love you more than words could say!


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