Our Baby is Growing so Fast!

Here’s an update of the last 2 weeks since my last post. 

  • Friday, July 23rd, Mackenzie came home from daycare with a runny nose and was sneezing.  She got her first cold 😦  It was so pitiful.  Luckily it didn’t get too bad.  Saturday night we stayed with my parents and she had a really bad night.  She couldn’t breathe and slept really restlessly.  Sunday morning at about 7:15 I was up with her and my dad said he would watch her while I got a little more sleep.  He googled baby colds and discovered that a way to help with the congestion was to turn on a hot shower and sit in the bathroom to breathe in the steam.  That did the trick and by the time I woke up, she didn’t have any sniffles!  Of course they came back later, but at least it gave her some relief. 
  • On July 24th, Mackenzie and I went to Greensboro to attend Charlie and Sophia’s 1 year birthday party!  It was such a special day because they were born 11 weeks early.  So, they’re such miracles!  It was very very hot at the park shelter, but we had a nice time.  Mackenzie handled the heat really well until we got in the car after it was over.  She was NOT happy about being buckled into the car seat.  After the party, we stopped by Anna’s house to return some of the baby clothes she let us borrow that Mackenzie has already outgrown.  Mackenzie and Gillian, her 11 month old daughter, played together for a few minutes.  Every time Mackenzie would pick up a toy, Gillian would take it from her.  But, Mackenzie didn’t seem to mind.  I’m sure she deals with that at daycare everyday!  The rest of the afternoon, we hung out at my parents’ house and enjoyed the A/C! 
  • That same night, we all sat down for dinner and kept Mackenzie in the bumbo seat on the kitchen table.  She was mesmorized watching my dad eat.  (I don’t cook and we eat after she goes to bed, so she rarely gets to witness this).  After dinner, my mom fed her rice cereal, and she opened her mouth wide for the spoon as if she knew exactly what to do!  It was so funny because it was the first time she’s ever done that.  She gobbled it all up and she’s been doing great with it ever since!
  • Sunday morning before we headed back to Charlotte, mom cooked breakfast.  I sat a big bowl of fruit on the kitchen table and didn’t even think that Mackenzie was in her bumbo right next to it.  I looked over and she had her arm elbow deep in the fruit bowl!  I guess I can’t underestimate her reaching skills. 
  • She is officially a sitter!  She can sit nice & tall and play and chew on her toys.  She very rarely ever gets wobbly and falls over.  Usually it is a result of her trying to reach for a toy that is too far away. 
  • She is doing really well with the rice cereal.  Last Thursday, we took it to daycare so they could feed her breakfast.  She is now eating a tablespoon of it mixed with formula twice a day and loves it!  A few days ago, I introduced carrots to her, and she hated them.  She did a little better the 2nd day, but I decided to stop the torture.  For the past 2 nights, I have given her pears.  The first night I gave them separately from the cereal and she wasn’t a big fan.  Last night, I mixed them together and she ate it all. 
  • Ever since she has started eating cereal on a regular basis, she has been sleeping for 12 hours straight.  It’s so amazing to have a full night’s sleep.  Although the past two days, she has decided to wake up hungry at 5:30 am.  So, once I feed her, I have less than an hour before I have to get up for work.  Ugh. 
  • We still don’t see any sign of teeth coming in.  But, I am sure it will be soon!
  • The daycare is encouraging us to start using sign language with her, so I will try to make an effort to do it starting this weekend when I actually have some time with her.
  • The infant bathtub has 2 ways to use it – one is for them to lay back, and the other is for them to sit up.  We started sitting her up in the bathtub this week and she loves to splash with her hands.  We put a rubber duck in it for her to play with, but she couldn’t quite figure out how to grab it since it kept bobbing up and down.  Pretty soon, she’ll be growing out of it and into the big bathtub!
  • This week she has really started to babble more consonant sounds.  She seems to love to say “Ga” a lot.  But, I’ve also heard her use the B D and M sounds. 
  • She is getting baptized this weekend, which I know will be a very special day!
  • This is not Mackenzie-related, but Richie and I are in our 3rd week of the P90X workout.  So far so good!

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