General Update

In the past week and a half, lots has happened in little Mackenzie’s life!  She is just growing and changing with every blink of the eye.  Here are the highlights:

  • She’s now up to 6 ounces in her bottles!  Each bottle has 3 or 3.5 ounces of formula in it.  I can’t keep up with her demand!  By her 6 month birthday, I will stop nursing so I’m slowly weaning myself and her off of it.  It will definitely be a sad day and I’m already dreading it. 
  • Her fingernails and toenails are growing like crazy!  We are constantly having to clip them.  But, I usually wait until my mom visits and I let her do it.  I’m still just so scared I’m going to cut her!
  • After losing almost all her hair, it’s finally growing back… and quickly!  In no time she will have enough hair so we can put cute hairbows in it!  The funny thing is that it’s growing in light brown with a slight reddish tint. 
  • Her eyes are still in the process of turning brown.  There is a definite circle of brown right in the center of her eyes. 
  • Last week, we tried to sit her up on the floor with her boppy around her for support.  She did ok but ended up falling straight back onto the pillow after a few seconds.  3 days ago, we tried it again and she could sit up!  She still slouched forward or to the side, but she could control herself enough to not fall backwards. 
  • Yesterday, she got a happy gram at daycare that said that she sat up by herself for a whole minute!  So, last night I plopped her on the floor with no boppy and she sat up!  Of course, she slouches forward but she uses her hands for support and balance. 
  • She is drooling and knawing on everything, but no sign of teeth yet!  I bet it will happen very soon, though.
  • 2 nights ago, July 21st, we decided to try to feed her rice cereal again.  I got a new spoon that is basically made out of plastic or rubber with no metal.  The spoon part is very flexible.  She wrapped her mouth around the spoon and sucked the cereal right down!  She ate about half of what I fixed which was one tablespoon of dry cereal and then mixed with formula.  Unfortunately, about 5-10 minutes after we finished, she spit most of it back up.  Next week I plan on taking it to daycare to let them feed her in the mornings.  I think she will be much more eager to eat when she is not tired from a long day. 
  • Last night, Richei’s co-worker Sherry stopped by to visit Mackenzie.  Mackenzie did great while Sherry was holding her, but she didn’t take her eyes of Richie or me the entire time.  When Sherry would turn her so she couldn’t see us, she got upset and fussy.  As much as I want her to be social and adaptable to new people, it’s really cool to know that she knows who we are and wants to be with us!

I can’t believe how fast time is passing and how quickly she is growing bigger.  Being a working mom is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and it gets harder everyday as she becomes more aware of what is going on around her.  This morning at 5:30 when I was finished feeding her, I just held her and rocked her back to sleep.  I had to force myself to put her back in the crib.  It’s at those moments when my love for my daughter floods my heart and I just want to freeze time.


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