Changing So Fast!

Last night when Richie picked Mackenzie up from daycare, he picked her up out of her bouncy seat and she started giggling and laughing! He said that he almost teared up right there when she did it. We got home and of course did everything we could to get her to laugh. She laughed the loudest when daddy was hiding just outside the bedroom door in the hallway, and he would peek his head into the room and say “peek a boo!” She loved it! But, it was hilarious because the second he would disappear back into the hallway, her big smile would disappear and she would look so serious. Then, he would reappear and her huge grin would come back. So cute! Of course, I didn’t have my flip camera with me so I didn’t get any videos. But, next time I’ll be prepared!

Last night marked another milestone… Mackenzie started sucking her thumb! I was busy packing for our trip to Georgia this weekend, and she was laying on the bed next to my suitcase. She kinda got fussy, but then was quiet. When I looked over, she was sucking away on her thumb. Sure, she has been putting her fingers (and sometimes her entire fist) into her mouth for a long time, but this time she found her thumb and was sucking on it like a pacifier. Once again, no camera for pics 😦

Two nights ago, I was playing with Mackenzie and decided to try to stand her up on the floor. She’s been standing up in our laps for about a month now, and we’ve always been holding tightly to her under her arms. This time, I stood her on the floor and held her hands. She stood there like a big girl! I was so proud 🙂

She is just changing so fast!


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