4 month checkup and beach trip

Last Tueday, June 15th, we had Mackenzie’s 4 month doctor visit. She weighed in at 14 lbs 6 oz (75th percentile) and is 25 1/2 inches long (90th percentile)! The doctor had nothing but positive things to say about her. She said we could begin feeding her rice cereal whenever we felt like we wanted to. Also, she said that she is happy with the time I have nursed her, so I could stop whenever I felt like it wasn’t working anymore. I am not sure when I will begin feeding her cereal or stop nursing, but it has definitely given me things to think about. The doctor sounded concerned that Mackenzie isn’t rolling over, so she urged us to do lots of tummy time with her. She’s so close to rolling over, but she’s actually closer to rolling from back to front than from front to back. Over the past few days, when she’s laying on her back she will arch her back and almost roll onto her side. The worst part of the appointment was the shots, of course! She had an oral vaccine and 2 shots. She was very upset, but was able to be soothed rather quickly thank goodness. The doctor also advised us to not carry her out on the boat anymore until she is 9 to 12 months old. She said that no life jacket will work effectively to keep her face out of the water if something were to happen. However, she told me about a survival swimming class you can enroll you baby in as young as 6 months. The instructor teaches the baby to know how to roll on their back and get their face out of the water. She said they teach them with bathing suits on, and then gradually put more and more clothes on them until they are in full winter clothes.

Tuesday night, we packed up the car and headed to the Outer Banks! Mackenzie had a slight meltdown in Raleigh when she got hungry, so we stopped and I fed her. Then, she pretty much slept the entire way. We had a wonderful trip!!! It was VERY hot, so Mackenzie didn’t spend too much time out on the beach. But, we did dip her feet in the ocean one time. She didn’t seem too impressed, but I know she will feel differently next summer! She was a real trooper throughout the entire weekend. She adapted great to the pack and play. She loved meeting her cousins and hanging out with her Aunt T! After we left the beach, we spent the weekend in Tarboro with Richie’s family. She got tons of love from her grandparents and Aunt Ashlea. We also got to meet baby Jackson who our dear friends just had a week ago! While on our trip, we celebrated 2 very big events – Richie’s birthday and Father’s Day! It was such a special time because this time last year, I had just found out I was pregnant and I wasn’t even sure it was going to result in a live baby. In fact, I would have bet money that it wouldn’t.

After spending 5 straight days with Mackenzie, I saw so many ways that she is changing. I’ve already mentioned her attempts at rolling over from back to front. She also LOVES sitting up in your lap so she can look around. She is holding her head up perfectly and no longer gets out of control or wobbly. She is squealing and laughing, which is so precious. She hasn’t “giggled” yet, but hopefully soon! We went out to dinner twice on our trip, and Mackenzie is officlally no longer happy just hanging out in her carrier while we all eat and chat. She cries and whines until someone picks her up and sits her up in their lap. Then, she’s perfectly content and doesn’t make another peep. This week, she also showed me that she really loves her pacifier. I used to only give it to her when she was sleepy, but on our trip, I always had it close at hand if she got restless. Maybe she liked it because it soothed her due to being in a strange place with new people. Also, this week we have started putting a bib on her almost all the time. She’s a drooling machine! Her eyes are slowly turning brown. Yesterday, I noticed that there was a tiny ring of brown in the center of her eye. Also, when she smiles, she wrinkles her nose and totally melts my heart!


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