Mackenzie is now 3 and a half months old, and I’ve been back to work for 3 full weeks.  We have settled into both a morning and night routine, and it seems to be working well.  For the first 2 and a half weeks that Mackenzie was in daycare, she would go to bed at about 8 every night, wake up at 5 or 5:30 to eat, and then I would have to wake her up at 6:45 to get ready for the day.  But, this past Sunday night, she started getting up at 1 am to eat and then sleep until 6:30 and eat again.  She did that for a couple of nights.  Last night she slept from 8:15 until 3:30 am and then I had to wake her up at 6:30.  Also, she is demanding more food at daycare.  So, she is probably going through a little growth spurt.  I have been pumping at work, but due to increasing the amount in her bottles, we have started adding an ounce of formula to each bottle at daycare.  I hate to do that, but it’s actually relieved a lot of my stress.  And, the doctor said that the frequency of feeding her breast milk is just as important as the amount she gets.  In other words, adding formula to each bottle of breast milk is better than 2 bottles of breast milk and one bottle of formula. 

In regards to her night schedule, I’m beginning to wonder if I could try to sooth her back to sleep without feeding her at this point.  From what I have read, you can drop the night feeding around this age.  This past week, she has also had a hard time sleeping because she has had a stuffy nose.  We have been using a humidifier which works wonders.  It is much better today so I hope she’s on the mend!

Tomorrow night, I’m meeting my best friend Anna for dinner and to see “Sex and the City 2.”  It will be the first big chunk of time where Richie will be “Mr. Mom” all alone.  He’s a little nervous about it, but I’m sure he’ll be fine!  In reality, she’ll be asleep the majority of the time I’ll be gone.  But, he is worried that she will begin to cry and pitch a huge fit when he tries to put her down for the night.  She has tended to do that for the past week or so when she gets tired.  She is so much more alert and aware of her surroundings now, and I think it causes her to become overly tired when she finally does realize how tired she is. 

In the past week or 2, Mackenzie has really started to grab everything!  My hair and necklaces are no longer safe!  2 nights ago, she grabbed a chunk of Richie’s chest hair which was hilarious to me, but not so funny to him.  A few days ago, I handed her a rattle and she proceeded to grab it and bring it right up to her mouth.  It was so cute because it’s the first time she has really grabbed a toy besides the ones that hang above her play gym. 

Last night, Richie told me that he thought she laughed last night before I got home from work.  I can’t wait to hear it for myself!


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