Mother’s Day and Back to work

A week ago was Mother’s Day, and it was a fantastic weekend!!  Friday night, Mackenzie and I went to Richie’s softball game.  Saturday Richie went out on the boat while Mackenzie and I had bathtime, cleaned up around the house, and went shopping at Target and Belk.  Then, we went to my parents’ house.  We ate yummy barbeque from Stameys and just hung out with the family.  We stayed the night there and went to church on Sunday.  I almost won the award for youngest mother, but a lady had just gotten a 1 year old son from China 2 weeks earlier.  So, I gladly conceded the award to her!!  She had her son baptized that day also, and I tried to hold back the tears.. it was very sweet.  Carla sang a song about parents and children, and mom and I were both crying.  It talked about remembering when your child was born and they were pure like the freshly fallen snow.  I looked down at Mackenzie and how perfect she is, and cried.  I couldn’t imagine a child being more perfect than her.  I never thought my heart could be filled with so much love for one person, but it has happened!!  This next story will be filed away to tell her when she’s older to embarrass her – the preacher had just asked the congregation to bow their heads and have a moment of silent prayer.  Right when it got quiet, Mackenzie cooed and then let out a loud and long fart.  Perfect timing!  I couldn’t believe it!  All in all, I had a great mother’s day and got a sweet card from both Richie and Mackenzie.  Mom gave me a picture frame that says “I love Mom.” 

Last week was my first full week back at work.  I thought it would get easier, but everyday gets harder and harder.  The guilt just piles on.  I also feel so bad that I can’t take her or pick her up from daycare.  However, on Friday I left work early and picked her up.  By the time we all get home from work it is 6 or later, and then Mackenzie is fighting sleep by 7:30.  That leaves no time to hang out with her!  So, this weekend I made her my first priority.  We hung out on Friday night, she had a bath, and then was asleep by 8.  Saturday we had a great day on the boat, and she loved it!  She took 2 tiny 30 minute naps on Saturday, so she was out by 7:15.  Then, she slept until 5 to eat… that is almost 10 hours straight!!!  It’s a new record.  She must have been totally exhausted.  Then, she slept until 9. 

This morning, Richie left for Detroit at 5:30.  So, I had to get us ready and out the door for daycare and work all on my own.  I managed to only be 45 minutes late to work… oops!  Thankfully Richie will be home tomorrow night so I only have one more morning like this.  I need to get up about 30 minutes earlier, and mackenzie needs to not have a poopy diaper 15 minutes before we are supposed to leave!  But, she was happy and ready for her day when we got to daycare.  That made leaving her a lot easier!!  I was so rushed that I didn’t have time to get sad.  I’m happy that I get to leave work early today in order to be able to get her from daycare!  I’m not complaining about that!


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