18 days…

I can’t believe I only have 18 days until the official due date!  Last night, I got home from work in a panic.  “What if the baby comes tomorrow???  I’m not ready!”  So, I proceeded to start picking up around the house, pack a few more things in my bag, add to my list of things that I will need to throw into the bag at the last minute, and fill out our birth plan checklist.  All that definitely made me feel a little better about things.  As I was laying on the couch watching American Idol, my stomach kept tightening up.  It wasn’t painful, so I’m sure it was just false labor.  But, it definitely reinforced my feelings that she could come VERY SOON!  I guess I need to start making sure everything is nice and neat on my desk every night when I leave work, just in case I don’t come back for 2 months.  I’m so excited that this is all about to actually happen!!!!! 

About 2:00 am last night, I woke up with stomach pain, nausaea, and my heart was racing.  I stayed up for about an hour and a half waiting to feel better.  I finally got back in bed at 3:30 and today I feel ok.  I’m just really tired.  I don’t know what happened last night, but the fast pulse really scared me.  I may have to talk to the doctor about it on Friday when I have my check-up.


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