35 week update

Tomorrow I will officially be 35 weeks pregnant!  I have 36 days to go… I can’t believe it.  This week, I’ve been blessed with much more restful sleep.  I even went a whole night without getting up to use the bathroom!  Of course, I woke up a few times to find a more comfortable position, but I was able to go right back to sleep.  I’m not sure what changed this week, but I’ll take it!  Maybe the baby is dropping so I’m able to breathe easier and have less indigestion.  I know that she is definitely laying on my bladder a LOT more.  It makes walking a very difficult task.  I feel like the baby has had a growth spurt this week.  On Monday, Richie said “your belly isn’t as big as I thought it would be by this point.”  However, last night I said “do you still think my belly looks too small?”  and he said “no way, you definitely look like you’ve gotten bigger this week.”  She is running out of room and I can feel more rolls and shifts rather than kicks and punches.  You can even see little bumps (elbows, knees?) moving across my belly as she changes positions.  I could just watch my belly jump around for hours if I could.  It’s the most amazing and wonderful thing I’ve ever experienced.  She truly is a miracle inside me and I can’t wait to meet her!

Last Saturday morning, Richie and I went to the Introduction to Breastfeeding class.  He said if he was the only guy, he was leaving!  But, luckily about half the women in there had dragged their husbands along.  I must say that we both learned a lot about what to expect the first few weeks after the baby is born.  The instructor told us that we should take the first hour after birth to bond with the baby, just Richie, me and Mackenzie.  I thought that was a very helpful tip and one we will definitely implement on her birthday!  Apparently, babies are very alert for 1-2 hours right after birth, but then they fall into a very deep sleep for 4-6 hours.  So, it’s very important to start bonding with our daughter while she’s still awake and alert.  Also, this is the time when she will try to nurse.  During the deep sleep is the ideal time for visitors to hold the baby for the first time. 

After our class, my 2 best and oldest friends, Anna and Allison, came to Charlotte to visit me!  My baby shower in Greensboro got cancelled, so they decided to come meet me for lunch instead.  We shopped and ate lunch at Ikea.  I was able to find some baskets for the nursery and had a great time hanging out with them.  They’re both new moms, so I also learned a lot from talking to them.  We went to my house and I was able to show them the nursery.  It was a great afternoon! 

Wednesday, I had my regular OB checkup.  Mackenzie had the hiccups, so it was cute to hear it on the doppler when the nurse was trying to measure her heartbeat.  It was a strong 150, so that’s great!  I’m measuring perfect at 34 cm and the doctor said the head is still down and in position.  Unfortunately, there was still protein in my urine, and he wants to rule out pre-eclampsia.  So, I had to take a 24 hour urine collection in order to get a more accurate reading of the protein levels.  I had also gained 7 pounds in 2 weeks (rapid weight gain is a sign) and my blood pressure had gone from 112/66 to 122/75.  While my blood pressure is still fine, it had increased which concerned him.  Also, my severe foot and ankle swelling could be a sign of the condition.  I asked him what would happen if it turned out that I had pre-eclampsia and he said they would probably consider letting me have the baby early!  I go back to the doctor today to turn in my collection and get checked again.  Pray that everything is fine and I don’t have any problems!

Due to the possibility that our baby could be here very soon, I am spending the weekend cleaning the house, packing my bag for the hospital, and washing the rest of her things.  I also have a ton of thank you notes to write and lots of errands to run.  My mom is coming to spend the afternoon with me on Sunday, so that will definitely be the bright spot in my weekend!


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