33 weeks!

The past couple of weeks have been busy, but great!  The weekend before Christmas, I celebrated with my family.  It was wonderful to open presents and have time together, and there was even snow on the ground!  On December 23rd, Richie and I celebrated together by traveling to a town nearby to see the lights.  The town is nicknamed “Christmasville” or something like that because the entire town is decorated.  Traffic was insane, and the lights weren’t as spectacular as everyone has made them out to be.  But, at least we can now say that we’ve done it.  Then, we ate dinner at PF Changs and returned home to open our gifts.  Richie had been very secretive about his gifts to me… I had never even told him anything I wanted.  So, I was very curious about what he had done.  The first gift I opened was John Mayer’s new CD.  I was very excited because he’s my 2nd favorite singer of all time.  Second, I opened a pregnancy journal.  I opened the book, and he had printed out all my blog posts and pasted them in there!  He had also taped ultrasound pictures throughout the book as they related to my entries.  At the end, he had written the sweetest letter to our daughter.  Of course, I was a crying mess by the time I finished looking through it!  When I picked up the last present, I looked at the tag and it said “Christmas/Push Present.”  I have been dropping hints for the past 2 years to let him know that it is a tradition to give your wife a push present to honor her hard work while delivering the baby.  But, I honestly never thought I’d get anything!  In the box was a gorgeous diamond ring for me to wear on my right hand.  I love it and I can’t wait to wear it!! Unfortunately, my swollen and fat fingers won’t allow for that right now, but I hope they’ll shrink back to their normal size soon after our baby is here.  It was a wonderful evening… our last Christmas celebration where it will be just the TWO of us!

Christmas eve and Christmas day were spent in Georgia with my entire family.  We had a really nice time visiting with relatives and eating lots of yummy food.  We drove back to NC on Christmas night, and we were both exhausted.  We relaxed the rest of the weekend, but both had to go back to work on Monday, the 28th.  We were off work the rest of the week and through New Year’s, so we spent lots of time cleaning and getting the nursery ready for baby!  Tuesday, we returned some baby items to Target and went to my 32 week doctor appointment.  Unfortunately, we waited for 2 hours to be seen by the doctor.  I was so frustrated because I knew that the appointment was only going to last about 5 minutes, which it did.  We got to the office at 3:15 and finally saw the doctor at a little before 5:30.  The good news is that I have somehow lost 4 pounds since I had been the week before.  Also, the doctor said that I’m measuring within the correct range at 30 cm, and that the baby’s head is down!  I will start going to the doctor every 2 weeks now. 

On Wednesday, Mom came to help me organize the nursery.  We washed and folded baby clothes, and she ironed our new curtains.  Then, we went and looked at 2 daycares.  One was super nice and very expensive, and the other one was cheaper but still fairly nice.  I am going to have to bring Richie back to see both of them and get his opinion.  Of course, there are lots of other ones in the area, but most of them were closed for Christmas break.  Wednesday night, Richie and I went to the movies to see “Up in the Air.”  I guess we need to fit in all our trips to the movies now! 

Thursday I traveled to Greensboro to visit my dear friend Casey who recently had back surgery.  Not only is she recovering, but she’s also taking care of 5 month old twins!  We had a great time catching up and eating lunch with a couple other girls we hadn’t seen in a while.  Thursday night, Richie and I celebrated new years eve at a friend’s house, and it was all I could do to stay awake for the ball to drop.  The weekend was spent in Tarboro to celebrate Christmas with Richie’s family.  We also had a wonderful baby shower thrown for us by his sister and aunts.  We got lots of adorable frilly dresses and pink outfits!  This was Richie’s first baby shower, so it was adorable to watch him open all the pink stuff! 

After all the holiday traveling, we are finally at home for the duration of the pregnancy.  It made me a little nervous to be so far away from home (5 hours) last weekend.  On Saturday night, a deer ran out in front of us on the road, but we thankfully didn’t hit it.  I thought to myself, “what if we hit a deer and it caused my water to break or something?  I’d have to deliver this baby in the middle of nowhere at a strange hospital!”  Thank God we made it home in one piece to wait out the remaining 7 weeks!

I’ve been feeling really good the past couple of weeks.  However, over the weekend, I started getting really bad heartburn again.  Also, the pain in my hips and back has gotten worse.  Sleep doesn’t come very easy.  But, I can tell that the baby is continuing to grow and get stronger by the way she kicks me and moves around.  She gets the hiccups at least twice a day.  I can’t believe she could realistically be here in 4 weeks or so.  The only things we have left to do are get a car seat and pack our hospital bag!  We are taking a breastfeeding class this weekend, so that should be interesting.


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