30 Weeks Update!

The past few weeks have been crazy and have flown by!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Richie’s family.  We relaxed, I took long naps every afternoon, and we got some Black Friday shopping in.  We also hung out with some of our best friends the night after Thanksgiving, so it was a great weekend!  We got back to Charlotte on Saturday and went to the Trans-siberian Orchestra concert on Saturday night.  It was really good and started getting me in the Christmas spirit.  However, it was really loud, so I had my coat and Richie’s coat wrapped around my belly to try to shield baby Meads from the noise!  But, I think she liked the music because she danced around in there for most of the concert. 

Last week, I went to the doctor for my diabetes glucose test and for a checkup.  Thankfully, I passed the glucose test so I don’t have to worry about gestational diabetes!  I also got my Rhogam shot which was SOOO painful.  But, I’ll do anything for my baby 🙂  I had only gained about 2 pounds in 2 weeks, which brings the total weight gain to 20 for the pregnancy.  I’m shocked because I definitely haven’t been trying to watch what I eat or count calories.  And I have definitely not been exercising at all.  Plus, I walk at a snail’s pace at this point, and I get really winded just from walking up the stairs.  I don’t think my lungs or my aching back & hips can handle real “exercise” right now! 

We have our baby furniture in the nursery and it looks great!!!  I love how it’s turning out, and I often just go into the nursery and stand there taking it all in.  I can’t wait for our little girl to be here and standing in the nursery makes it all feel so much more real. 

Last Friday night, at 29 weeks, we went to have a 3d ultrasound done.  It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen (well, besides seeing our baby’s heartbeat for the first time.. that was pretty awesome too).  Richie and I were both blown away that we were actually looking at our baby’s face and able to tell what she looked like.  She definitely has my round face and chubby cheeks!  I think the moment we saw her on the screen, everything became real.  Now, we’re even more excited to meet her and hold her in our arms!

Also, we had a baby shower on Saturday!  We had a great turnout that consisted of coworkers and friends in Charlotte.  My dear friends Stacy and Kristin hosted the shower, and it was truly a special and memorable day.  I felt surrounded by so much love and support as we prepare to bring this baby into the world!


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