I went to the doctor yesterday about the sudden swelling in my feet and ankles.  Thankfully, my blood pressure was great at 110/66 and I had no other signs of pre-eclampsia, which was my main concern.  Even though the nurse said it is very early on in my pregnancy to already have swelling, she has seen it before.  I guess I’ve just got to be careful to lay down and elevate my feet every chance I get! 

This weekend is going to be great… I have 2 big milestones that are going to happen! 

1.  I have my first baby shower!  My wonderful former co-workers in Greensboro are getting together to have a shower for me!  I’m truly touched that they would honor me in this way even though I left that job a year and a half ago.  The girls I worked with are so special and I know I will be life-long friends with several of them.

2.  I will enter the third trimester!!  I will be 27 weeks this weekend.  I can’t believe it.  I’ll try to post another belly picture soon.  The baby is so active, and it’s still amazing to me.  She isn’t just giving me little kicks anymore.  I can actually feel her moving around and playing in there.  Yesterday at the doctor, the nurse said the heart rate was 173.  I think my heart stopped for a second because that is VERY high.  Last week, the heart rate was 140.  However, yesterday I could feel her kicking and moving all around.  We waited a few minutes and the nurse listened again… it had gone down to 160.  I asked the doctor about it, and she said it’s actually a great sign that her heart rate speeds up when she’s being very active.  That’s exacly what they want it to do, as long as it goes back down when she’s resting.  Even though I know the doctor is right, I still can’t help but worry.  If I worry this much now, how in the world am I going to survive after she’s born???


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