This week has been great so far!  I had a wonderful weekend – Richie and I hung out all day on Saturday.  We went to the racetrack Saturday afternoon because we got free pit passes from a friend.  However, we couldn’t use them because we didn’t have an admission ticket for the race.  We decided not to waste money on buying tickets to something we weren’t even going to!  Our friend had checked with the racetrack on Friday and they had told her that you do not need a ticket to get into the pits, you only need a pit pass.  But, when we got there, they were scanning tickets and we couldn’t get in.  Oh well, there’s always next year!  We still had a nice time walking through all the souvenir trailers and people-watching!  All the nasty smells really made me feel sick, though – the cigarette and cigar smoke, gasoline and exhaust fumes from all the cars stuck in traffic, and the smell of thousands of drunk people.  Plus, it was freezing!  So, we were happy to head back home after a couple of hours.  Saturday night, we ate dinner at one of my favorite mexican restaurants and then went to see Kathy Griffin!  The show was hilarious and I think Richie enjoyed it, also. 

Sunday, my mom met us at Concord Mills to finish my registry at Babi.es R. Us.  Richie, Mom, and I ate lunch at Red Lobster (Yum!!) and then Richie headed home and we headed to the baby store.  We spent over 2 and a half hours in there, but got the registry almost complete.  I have yet to register for a stroller or bottles, but I think I have everything else covered.  We had a lot of fun, but I was exhausted when I got home! 

In other baby news, our little girl is getting stronger everyday.  She’s really starting to kick now!  For the past month, it has felt more like little nudges and rolls in there, but this week she’s definitely getting some strength behind her movements.  Tuesday night, Richie was finally able to feel her kick!  It was really a special moment and one I will never forget.  This morning as I was listening to her heartbeat with my doppler (which is the best thing I’ve ever purchased by the way), she kicked the probe when it was on my stomach! 

I think I’ve finally picked out some bedding that I like.  It’s a little pricey, but I found a used set on Ebay that I’m bidding on.  The auction ends on Sunday, so I hope I win!!  We are still working on cleaning out the office to convert it into the nursery.  We’ve made a lot of progress and I think we can have it cleared out if we get one full weekend where we can focus on finishing it.  My cousin is selling her baby furniture to me, so I’m excited about that!  I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m sure it will be fine. 

Tomorrow we leave to visit Richie’s parents in Tarb.oro.  I’m sure it will be a nice weekend because we have plans to see lots of his family while we’re there.


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