Baseball Bats or Ballerina Slippers???

A bit shout-out to Kevin for the title of this blog post.  And the verdict is in… we are having a girl!!!  Richie and I truly didn’t have a preference.  I always had this feeling that it was a girl, but the past week or so I’ve caught myself thinking of boy names and boy-themed nursery ideas.  So, I really wasn’t sure what the news would be yesterday.  She has had a really fast heartrate the entire time, so I couldn’t help but think she was a girl. 

We got to the doctor’s office at 8:20 for our 8:30 appointment.  I had a very full bladder because I had read that it helps them see things.  Well, the receptionist said for me to go ahead and leave my routine urine sample because they’ve researched that a full bladder really doesn’t make a difference… interesting.  Anyway, I finally got called back and the nurse took my weight and blood pressure.  I’ve gained 4 pounds in 8 days.. um ok so no more eating out for lunch every day of the week.  I know I need to gain weight, but wow… a little more slowly would be optimal.  Anyway, so then the nurse led me back to an exam room and she was holding the doppler to hear the heartbeat.  After having about 5 ultrasounds during this pregnancy, I knew that they usually take you straight back to the ultrasound room.  Plus, if I was having an ultrasound, why would they listen for the heartbeat with the doppler?  I told the nurse that I thought I was supposed to be having my 18 week scan, and she said she didn’t see anything about it on my chart but that she would go check.  As we were waiting, I could feel myself getting angry and the tears welling up behind my eyes.  If I couldn’t get my ultrasound done THAT DAY, they were going to have a very angry hormonal pregnant lady to deal with… a scary thought!!  She came back and said that it was an oversight, and that they would work me in.  Whew… so after about 5 minutes, we were called back. 

The ultrasound was so awesome.  The ultrasound tech wasn’t very warm or friendly, and she didn’t share much info with us.  But, she did show us the brain, stomach, arms, legs, kidneys, and heart.  She said everything was measuring perfectly at 18 weeks 4 days.  Then, she started looking for the “money shot.”  She looked and looked and looked to try to tell the sex.  She finally got me to lay on my side and she looked some more.  Then, she said it’s definitely a girl!!   She weighs about 8 ounces.  The doctor said we didn’t really need to meet with her since I had just been in the week before.   Everything went great!  I did shed one tiny tear when she said it was a girl.  It was a surreal and special moment that I will never forget. 

Yesterday and today, I’ve felt her move a lot more.  I don’t really feel kicks.  I just feel like something is nudging me and rolling around in there.  I can’t wait until Richie can feel it.  Tonight we’re venturing to Babies r Us for the first time as parents-to-be!  I’m sure it will be a little overwhelming, but fun!


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